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6 Reasons Why You Should Give Him Another Chance

Did your man hurt your sentiments by saying words he shouldn't have? Did he commit some mistakes that caused you harm and brought troubles? If yes, then we are sure you must be mad at your man and perhaps, wouldn't want to speak to him. But while you are hurt and angry, you must remember that no human is perfect and therefore, we often end up doing wrong. Perhaps, therefore, we often seek a second chance.

Your man too may want you to forgive him and be given another chance. No matter how mad you are at your man, there's no harm in forgiving him, provided he hasn't done something which is unforgivable. Today, we are here with some reasons that would tell why you should consider giving your man a second chance. Scroll down the article to read more.


1. He Is Guilty For His Mistakes

If your partner is guilty of his mistakes and regrets his words and/or actions, itshows you can consider giving a chance to your partner. Your partner might have hurt your sentiments and made you feel miserable. But that doesn't mean you will hate your partner. If you feel he is really guilty of what he did or said, then you may listen to his apologies.


2. You Still Believe In Him

People often stop believing in those who hurt them. But if you still believe in your partner, even though he hurt you, this may hint you to give him another chance. If you still believe that your partner is a good person and always wants to keep you happy and safe, then this could be a positive sign.


3. Your Friends Ask You To Give Him Another Chance

It is obvious when couples end up fighting they ask their friends for help. Your friends after knowing the entire issue between you and your partner may ask you to forgive and give another chance to your relationship. They may give you reasons about how you and your partner are made for each other and he is guilty of what he has done. In case, you feel your friends are trying to resolve issues with a good intention, you may.


4. He Tries To Rectify His Mistakes

At times people commit mistakes that cannot be forgiven. But if your partner has done anything that is unforgivable and is trying his best to rectify what he did, you may give him another chance. When your man tries his best to put things back and clean the mess he created by saying or doing something that caused trouble, then it shows he is sorry for what happened and wants another chance.


5. He Never Intended To Hurt You

It could be possible that your man's intentions were never to hurt you. There are instances when people commit mistakes even when they are intending to do the right thing. Yet, if he did something wrong and hurt your sentiments, then that doesn't mean he is entirely wrong. You may listen to his explanation and think of giving him another chance.


6. You Find Him Upset And Sorry For What Happened

Not everyone regrets his/her mistakes but if he is upset and regrets his words and/or action, then this clearly shows how sorry he is. In such a situation, holding on to grudges and finding faults in him could worsen things. If you feel he is genuinely sorry and upset for what has happened, giving him another chance won't cause you any harm.

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