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7 Harsh Truths Of A Relationship That Every Couple Should Accept

How wonderful does it feel when you have someone to share your life, aspirations, highs and lows with? People make commitments when they feel their partner is worthy.

But sometimes, people's expectations and priorities come between commitment. These moments speak the harsh truth of a relationship. People may not accept the harsh truths of relationships but one must pay heed to them. Read on.

1. There Is Never 'The One'

People always say, there is 'one' made for you. But you must know there are so many potential singles waiting to be right-swiped and to go on a date. In such a situation, how can you find 'The One' for you? It is just that you find a person who seems good to you and then you work together to make things better.

2. You Might Come Across Someone Who Drives You Crazy

You never know what's ahead. If you are a person who is quite organised and disciplined, you might face problems if your partner is quite spontaneous. The moment you meet someone later in your life who is just like you, you might feel attracted to that person.

3. Passion Will Fade Away

All of us want to have a passionate love life with great sex in it. But a time will come when the passion between you and your partner might fade away. You won't feel the same intimacy level. You feel as if you are going through a bad phase in your relationship and you might overreact to this.

4. Bad Times Can Lead To Break-up

Even if you and your partner are madly in love with each other, bad times can lead to a break-up. Even though everything seems to be great, the circumstances will get in the way. The circumstances could be some family issues, job situation, priorities or anything else. These can lead to you and your partner parting ways despite the love between you two.

5. Expectations Might Take A Toll

The moment you find someone good enough to spend your life with, you build expectations. But when these expectations result in failures, you feel betrayed. This can take your relationship to a tough phase.

6. You Might Feel Miserable

There will be times when you might feel low and miserable in your relationship. You might regret being with your partner. The reason could be the difference in both of your thoughts and perspectives.

7. There Will Be Compatibility Issues

One of the harshest truths of a relationship can be, you and your partner might not always feel compatible. The differences that once seemed alluring might seem annoying. But with proper communication and understanding, you can sort this.

A relationship should be nurtured like a baby. It should not be left alone and neglected. If you want your relationship to be everlasting then you need to put the same effort.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 18:11 [IST]
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