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    You And Your Partner Are Not Comfortable With Each Other, Why?

    Being comfortable is a state of being happy. It depends on you and your partner. You can't be comfortable in a relationship unless your partner is not letting you be. Relationships work only when you and your partner are in total sync with each other. You and your partner are not comfortable with each other and the reasons might be a small misunderstanding or a big fight.

    Why are you not comfortable and what makes such situations are the two important questions you should ask and seek answers for.

    not comfortable with each other

    There are a lot of reasons that make two people uncomfortable and unhappy with each other. The unhappiness is the by-product of uncomfortable partners and it can only be fixed by the two of you.

    If you and your partner are constantly fighting and constantly on the verge of being unhappy and sad about the relationship you both are in, then it is high time you need to understand what are the reasons behind such compelling unhappiness that is eating yours and your partner's peace of mind in the relationship.

    Talking about relationships makes me think about all these reasons that are so evident to human eyes but are always kept in the dark underneath the pseudo-screen of love. People just think about love and love and love and forget the background of the relationship, "how to give and accept love?".

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    Reasons Why You And Your Partner Are Not Comfortable With Each Other:

    1. Lack Of Adjustment And Compromise
    2. The Drama Never Ends
    3. Prolonged Unresolved Issues
    4. Lies That Eats The Relationship

    1. Lack Of Adjustment And Compromise

    Every healthy relationship that you see today is built on compromise and adjustment. Comfortable couples understand the fact that two individuals when they get into a relationship cannot have everything perfect for them all the time. It is because everything is new and both of them start to adjust with each other as it helps them in uniting the love they have craved for.
    When you and your partner are not comfortable in the relationship, you stop seeing each other, eye to eye. Neither you nor your partner seeks to be happy with each other. Selfishness or the attitude that drives couples unhappy is the one that you and your partner hold on to.

    Lack of adjustment and compromise always leads to dysfunctional couples as the love becomes dysfunctional itself. In order to be comfortable with each other, you and your partner must be accepting each other and adjusting with one another.

    2. The Drama Never Ends

    The drama in a relationship is all about the one failed line of communication. The carefully constructed veneer of happiness in the relationship is blurred in the background due to these dramas happening every day.

    Unhappy couples don't really know how to choose their battles. Each new morning brings a new drama in their life. Every day is just like a soap opera for you and your partner. Startling revelations, the overdramatic reactions to the things gone wrong, the senseless arguments and the baseless plots of drama in the relationship make you and your partner uncomfortable with each other.

    You need to understand that communication should be apt and you should not goof it up at all. The base of the relationship or the foundation stone is communication. Try not to dismantle this stone.

    3. Prolonged Unresolved Issues

    Couples seeking for being comfortable always seek out closure for their issues. They work it out together until the problem is fixed. In simple words, if you and your partner get into a fight over something, you both should not go to bed brooding about it and instead try looking at each other and think why the other was upset and find out the new perspective in order to bring the closure of the issue.

    Couples who are not comfortable with each other will often choose to leave the problem as an open wound and not think about closure, making it a prolonged unresolved issue. For these types of couples, pride takes a bigger form than love. They stop thinking about the comfort of their relationship.

    4. Lies That Eat The Relationship

    Lies often affect the relationship indirectly and one doesn't really understand it right away. Couples do understand about these lies when the relationship has suffered a lot. Lies like, "I am okay!", "All will be fine just give it some time.", "Everything is going to be all right." and "I will never do that again." kill the relationship and you and your partner don't usually understand it then.

    You and your partner keep on repeating these lies like a scripted version of a play just to appease one another. You start to lie about all sorts of things simply because you think, telling the truth would mean saying exactly how you feel.

    Since these discomforts feed off the disordered thoughts and feelings inside the couple's mind, honesty ends its journey there. Lies become the discomfort of the relationship and the couple starts to drift apart.

    The thought of lying in order to keep the pseudo normalcy intact in the relationship finally ends the journey of the comfort of the couple and love evaporates into the thin layer of air.

    These are the 4 reasons why you and your partner are not comfortable with each other. Try to figure these out early in the relationship. Fix them and make your relationship the nest of love that you have always wanted. Make your partner happy and stay happy as well. You and your partner deserve it.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 11:45 [IST]
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