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    Why Should You Leave Your Boyfriend? Reasons To Know

    How to figure when you should leave your boyfriend and why you should? Why should you leave your boyfriend? What can be the reasons and why is it necessary to act in this way?

    At times when we get into a relationship, we don't measure all aspects. But when we do we at times think it is the wrong choice that we have made. There are certain things your boyfriend might say and that would definitely piss you off. But how to know that these are the reasons that suggest you have to let him go and move ahead in life.

    leave your boyfriend

    I know it might be hard on you but you go to know the reasons that suggest you should let the boyfriend go. The end of the relationship is there already. The things about a relationship are that they are always an equal bonding. There is always equality in the thought process, in love, in respect and even in trust. But how to know that? How to figure out these things? How to understand these all?

    These reasons will provide you the answers that you seek. Why you should leave your boyfriend?

    1. He Keeps Telling You To Be Less Dramatic

    He has no right to invalidate your emotions. If he thinks you are overreacting on a situation in your own way, it shouldn't matter to him whether you are being overdramatic or not. Being the boyfriend, he should keep you calm and not give remarks on your situation. Rather than cribbing about your stress, he should be empathizing you.

    It is his responsibility to do his best to help you gain better perspective of the stressful situation you are in and to give you your peace of mind. He should not invalidate feelings just because he thinks you are overreacting to something. He should always be concerned about your feelings and not the opposite way around.

    2. He Asks You To Do Things

    He asks you to do things saying if you love me you would do this and that. This is wrong. Love is all about giving and not asking. If he is demanding you to do his work by saying if you love him you should do it, then you need to know you got to let this relationship go. It is unhealthy for you. It might seem harmless at first. But what you don't generally realise is that it is a form of emotional manipulation. You should never be willing to buy it.

    He should never manipulate you emotionally to do something. He should never ask you to prove the love you have for him by the acts of selfishness. Love is not selfish. It has always been in the form of giving. He should never ask you to prove your love.

    3. Comparision With Ex

    If he is constantly comparing you with his past girlfriends, he should be let go. He has no right to compare you with anyone else. Every human is different. If he fell in love with you, he loved the way you were. He should constructively criticize you out of love and betterment of the relationship. He shouldn't ever do it just to hurt you and make you feel bad or worse.

    You are not an object that he should compare you with the rest. The ingredients of your mind will always be different than the other. He needs to know. Else let him go.

    4. If He Constantly Tell You Are Wrong And Stupid

    If he constantly tells you that you are a fool, stupid and tries to prove you wrong every now and then, be certain you are better alone than being in relationship with him. Such act is never appreciated and you shouldn't as well. Keep the sentiments at its place and your self-respect and self-esteem above everything else. If he is not doing what he is supposed to and is blaming it on you and calling you in absurd ways, he is not yours to keep. You should let go of him.

    5. If Restricts You

    If your boyfriend restricts you from doing what you like, he is definitely not the man for you. You deserve better. You deserve the freedom. You deserve your rights. Remember there is nothing that should restrict you other than your will. You may think he is caring for you but this eventually falls down to you having no personal freedom or space. It is better you let him go now and not later.

    These are the 5 main reasons why you should let him go. You are your first and then someone's love.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 5, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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