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    Why Do They All Call You A Big Turn Off? What Habits Do You Portray?

    You don't want your date night to crash down, do you? Then don't follow the earlier steps that you used to take. There are certain things about you that say you are a big turn off. Now how do you know what are these and what can you do to reverse it?

    There are plenty of things that people in the world are generally turned off by. And you just have to be sure that you aren't guilty of doing any of those things. When you date someone for the first time, it's important that you always be yourself and show your true characteristics. However, you shouldn't take being yourself to mean that you can just excuse your stupid and unpleasant behaviour. People change and when you do change, make sure that the change is for the better. You always want to put yourself in the best position to win the person when you are dating. And the more you divulge in poor dating habits, the more you end up diminishing your chances.

    big turn off

    What are these poor dating habits that are a big turn off?

    These are simple acts and gestures that fails to impress a person. These include the way your smile, your hand movements, your conversation methods and other ways in which you portray yourself.

    Let's see these poor dating habits that one should avoid.

    1. You are not enthusiastic and you don't show any interest

    Try to put life into how you converse with the person. Don't just narrate what you think or you feel, your thoughts, musings, and opinions in a very monotonous voice. Show the person that you are actually excited while talking with them and that you're thrilled to be conversing and bonding with them. You also don't want to bore the person to death by acting so lifeless all the time you talked.

    2. You don't ask genuine questions

    Your questions are very vague and are not up to the mark for the other person. Show an interest in the person. Make him/her feel welcomed. Let him know that you are not indifferent and that you genuinely care about who he/she is and what his/her life is like. Indifferences are only going to make them feel more unwelcome and unmotivated to pursue your love any further.

    3. You hardly smile

    The act of being cordial is to smile often. It gives comfort, ease and an added level of happiness. A big turn off is when a person doesn't smile in between the conversation.

    4. Your body language speaks differently

    Your body language speaks of different tunes and these tunes can be a big turn off. You are always crossing your arms or are in defence position. You are always rolling your eyes in other direction and have no constant connection with the person's eyes. You never establish eye contact with them. You are always looking away. These are very subtle body language movements that make any person want to just run away from you. It makes you very unapproachable and unwelcoming. Make sure that you have a check on your body language yourself because you might not even be aware that you're doing these things.

    5. Your behavioural patterns are negative

    You might be a very handsome or beautiful person. But the vibes you give from inside is the one that attracts the soul. If you show negative behavioural patterns, no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, you will always be a big turn off. Behavioural patterns are a very distinctive method of understanding a person.

    These 5 reasons are the ones you need to look out for in order to look forward to bringing the wow element between you and your date. Don't date just date from now, but date like a king or queen and let none get a chance of being turned off.

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