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    What Makes Crushes Better Than Lovers?

    By Tanya Ruia

    We all know what crushes are and can never deny that they are any day better than any lovers out there. You just look at them once, drool over them, stalk them, find every possible way to have a look at them, despite knowing the fact that you can never be together with them.

    But, isn't it better? At least they don't hurt you.

    crushes better than lovers

    No matter if you are single or are committed, but a crush has its own place and you cannot deny the fact that they never stop giving you butterflies.

    Following are some points which every one of us can relate to if we have a crush:

    No Fear Of Commitment

    That is one big advantage of having a crush than a lover.

    Of course, as long as you are not lovers, why would you even have the feeling of commitment. You can enjoy your love phase without even fearing of commitment.

    Stalking Game Strong

    You can always enjoy stalking your crush. Stalking a lover becomes really boring after a certain period of time. But, stalking a crush is always fun and interesting. While stalking, you never know which relative's page do you land upon or what you will come across.

    Freshness Of The Spark

    The fresh spark is always there with your crushes as compared to the lover. You can never get bored in the company of your crush. The butterflies will always be the same in your stomach whenever you see them, the same wind will blow whenever they are around you and the same craving will be there.

    No Strings Attached

    You do not have the opportunity to hurt yourself with your crush, as it follows the policy of no strings attached. If there are no attachments, there would be no expectations, no chances of getting hurt. Every time you can look upon them without any attachments and fear of getting hurt.

    Fantasizing Skill Strong

    You do not miss out on any chance of fantasizing about them. From cute things to the kinkiest, you can fantasize all of them and feel good about yourself. Just imagining doing things to your crush can make you feel being on cloud nine. Rather, your fantasizing game gets strong. With the lover, you have to accept whatever is given to you. But a crush gives you a chance of experimenting and being creative with your fantasies.

    No Spending Money

    No lover, no expenses. Crush cuts off on a lot of expenses like expensive gifts, expensive dates, etc. With the crush, you do not have a tension of spending a lot. You can always stay at a distance and enjoy the feeling of their existence and presence.

    Focusing On Friendship

    Many people lose their friendships in the company of lovers. But, crushes make your friendships stronger. They help you stalk your crush, talk to them, set dates with them, and they do not leave a chance for you to spend some quality time with your crush. But, in case of lovers, your friends start hating the fact that you are dating and not able to give them an ample amount of time.

    Polygamy Is Not An Issue

    You can always have multiple crushes at a time but not multiple lovers at a time. What could be more fun than being single and having fun with multiple crushes? When you have a lover, you, of course, cannot crush over someone else and do polygamy. That is of course considered unethical. But, crushes do not trap you in that kind of bond.

    Long Distance Doesn't Hurt

    A long-distance relationship might hurt but a long-distance crush never hurts. You already know and you have accepted that you both can't be together. So, you don't care if they are at a long distance or by your side. You can always manage to have a short convo or drool over their new pic or just fantasize about them even from a long distance.

    Keeping A Track Is Easy

    A lover might have a lot of things and reasons to hide things from you, but a crush doesn't have any reason or anything to hide from you. It is very, very easy to keep a track on them. You can any day view their new picture post, check-in, outfit of the day, etc., unlike lovers.

    You Don't Get Bothered of Their Partner

    Your crush might get a partner as well, but it would not bother you as much as if your partner gets another partner. Rather, you would be keen to see their choice and might become happier to see them happy with them.

    No matter how much of a long lost crush that person might be, you will always have memories and a soft corner for them and can never deny the fact that they are far better than the lovers.

    These are the reasons that make crushes better than lovers any day.

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