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    Ways To Know If A Guy Is In Love With You

    By Soham

    Finding ways to know if a guy is in love with you? This article will ease your queries as you continue reading.

    Understanding men can be a bit tricky, but it is easy to find out if they are in love with you or not.

    ways to know if a guy is in love with you

    There are certain signs that they show which makes it inevitable to understand their inner wishes.

    At times, when we see our friends behaving abrupt and differently, we try to think what is in their mind.

    It can be confusing sometimes when your feeling says the way he is behaving, he is in love with you, but it turns out that he isn't.

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    So, to avoid such intuition and to think straight and understand the guy, whether he is in love with you or not, use these signs that are listed below to find your answers.

    Here are the ways to know if a guy is in love with you:

    1. He Behaves Happy When He Is With You

    When a guy falls in love, it is evident that he likes passing time with the girl he likes. He is always happy at that time.

    To know if he likes you or not, just look for the way he is when he is with you.

    He will smile and blush a lot. He will be constantly smiling and will be avoiding any kind of distractions.
    His main attraction will be you, even when there are other friends.

    2. He Acts Concerned

    Normally, a guy is not concerned. But when it comes to love, he starts acting way more concerned then he should be. He starts reminding you about all the small things, for example taking medicines if you are sick, booking an appointment, noticing if you have had your lunch or not, etc.

    At times, the concern is also seen when he deliberately offers you his jacket, whether it feels cold or not.
    This affection of being concerned at times becomes an irritation for you. But the guy doesn't understand and still does it if he really likes you.

    3. His Eyes Speak A Thousand Words

    Eyes are where you can rely the most upon. They are the doors to what your heart wants and says. If a guy is in love with you, the moment he sees you, his eyes will light up like stars in a dark night. He would not be distracted but would constantly want to focus on you. So, if you want a clear picture of what is his feelings for you, just look into his eyes.

    They won't lie and deceive.

    Eyes reveal a lot about our feelings. If you are in search of your answer whether he likes you or not, look into his eyes. You will see where you swim in his oceans of desire.

    4. He Gives You A Cute Name

    Guys act cute when it comes to wooing someone. They tend to do things that make them cute.
    Guys bestow cute names to the one who they really like and love.

    It shows that they want to make you feel like a close person. This is a way they start showing affection towards you.

    If you are thinking, these cute names are given generally, then ask the reason to the guy who is giving you the name. He will have a unique idea as to why he gave that name to you. This would differentiate between friends giving pet names and a guy who likes you.

    5. He Tells His Friends About You

    If you are known in his friend's circle, then be sure he likes you a lot and probably the likeness has taken the shape of love and adoration.

    Guys usually don't tell about a girl to their friends. But if they are speaking about a girl, that says they are serious about that person.

    Friends tease him when you call him, or even when you are with him. There are certain eyeball rolls that go on and the guy tries to silence his friends to avoid the girl from having any hint.

    So, these five signs often guide your pathway to understanding if a man is in love with you or not. So, start collecting these signs from the guy you think is in love with you.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 6, 2018, 12:48 [IST]
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