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Want To Make Your Ex Miss You Badly? Proven Tips You Need To Follow

By A Mixed Nerve

It doesn't matter whether your boyfriend dumped you or you dumped him. All that it matters is to make him feel bad to be away from you. You are having second thoughts regarding the break-up. You can turn tables if you want to? The question is, "Do you want to make your ex to miss you real bad?"

It is easy to manipulate people's minds only if you know the ways. You probably want your ex back in your life or you are having thoughts of getting back together. Maybe you now realize the part you played in your relationship was just not enough and you want more of it.

It is not as simple as picking up your phone and spilling out your guts to him and telling him the reasons for you craving his presence in your life. To be honest, that is probably the worst thing to do if you really want your ex back in your life like the way they used to be.

A little game plan is required and you are set to go further making him come back to or even making him miss you even if he is too far.

When it comes to rebuilding the romance with your ex, you have to make him miss you much more than the love he had for you. You have got to make situations such that he starts constantly dreaming about you and every song he listens to reminds him of you and the memories associated with you both.

To make him miss you badly, he needs to think about you all the time, wondering what you are doing that particular moment. This makes him crave for you further.

Let's see the ways you can make him miss you bad. There are certain proven methods that would help you in gathering his attention and make him feel bad about not being with you.

Do You Want Your Ex To Miss You Badly?

1. Throw The Old You Outside The Window

You need to bring a major change in your life. This involves either relocating to a new house or shifting to another city or even replacing your old car with a new one.

By doing this you make it obvious for your ex to understand that you have moved ahead. This will make him want to return to you and that is what you want, isn't it?

Everyone wants a person who is taking the steps in the right direction in life. You making a big change in your life will show your ex that you have also been climbing the stairs to evolve and that would make him want to evolve with you as well.

2. Show How Beautiful Your Life Has Become

Portraying your life to be more happening and beautiful makes your ex feel miserable for leaving you.

He regrets the fact that you and he broke up. He feels there has to be another chance to revive the relationship you both had left.

If you are still communicating with your ex, tell him about how amazing life has become post-breakup and how you are cherishing every bit of it.

3. Hang Out And Make Friends

Post-breakup, you need to become more social and this involves connecting with new people and making new social contacts. This will make you have more networking and also will get you a bunch of new friends and people to hang out with. Trust me you need it. This will make your ex see that you have walked out of your comfort zone and have started mingling with many people. Of course, it is very important to hold on to a strong support system that you already have and keep those friends that you have made till date, but expanding your social circle and adding a few new friends won't hurt in anyway.

By expanding your circle, you will fill up your social life with events and things to do in order to keep yourself busy and to keep your mind off your ex. This makes your ex think that if he isn't working on you and him getting back together, someone else new will eventually take the mantle of love from you and he will just burn, seeing it.

4. Exchange Wardrobes

This works like it always has since time immemorial when people started dating and falling out of love. In order to make your ex feel bad about you not being with her, you need to revamp and buy new clothes. Fill up the wardrobe with the best fits and often wear them.

When your ex sees you or your picture, he is blown away by the transformation of how you used to be to how you have become now. This will eat him up from inside and he will start missing you back again. Physical appearance plays a great deal and when you make it your forte, your ex cries for you to be back with him.

These are some of the proven methods in which you will make your ex miss you real bad and want you back in his life. All you got to do is a pompous show of glamour, attitude of you don't care anymore, and that you have moved on. This is enough to lure your ex to be back with you. It is your call at the end.

But in order to make your ex crave you, just follow these steps and see the proven results.

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