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    Things As A Woman You Should Remember To Do In A Relationship

    By Soham

    Relationships have always been the topic of our discussion. Be it teens, youth, or elders.

    When it comes to relationships, the partners have varied roles to play in order to work out the relationship.

    woman should remember

    A relationship is a never-ending play where the actors are the couple in love.

    In a relationship, men and women both play equal partnership goals.

    Talking on the topic here, in every relationship, certain things men and women both need to take care of and be responsible for.

    There are certain things every woman needs to remember while in a relationship. This is in order to make the relationship a serious and successful one.

    Women need to know that love is not the only way to a happy relationship. There are a lot of other things they should remember when it comes to being in a relationship.

    Let's get to the bottom of these things and know what all should you remember and do in your relationship.

    Things As A Woman You Should Remember To Do In A Relationship

    1. Give Your Man Personal Space

    It is important for you to remember not to be clingy with your man. No one likes a person who keeps getting into their personal space.
    In case of a relationship, men don't like their personal space being brought down.
    They prefer to have a smooth personal space amidst being in a relationship. Give them that and you will see the relationship blossom the way it can.

    2. Men Like To Play

    Want to make your relationship a big game of love? Play with him, he likes it when you go out and play with him. Even if you are grown-up, it doesn't matter playing. Always remember playfulness in a relationship is a win-win for the both of you. It gives you a better bond.

    3. Don't Try To Change Him

    It is very frequently seen in a relationship, that after a certain period, women start picking out the flaws in men and try to make them change for good.

    I understand you want your man to be flawless. But trying to change him, will change the direction of the path of your relationship.

    Rather than wanting to change him, find points that make him look flawed and then just discuss it with him and he will certainly understand. Don't pressurize him to change.

    Change is the only constant of nature and for that matter, he will definitely change for good but in his own way and with his own mindset.

    4. Empathize Your Man

    Giving sympathy to your man is a big no! Rather empathize him. He would feel much better.

    Sympathy is something men react to. Empathy is what they absorb themselves.

    Empathizing helps in understanding the man. It gives you insights of what he is thinking and it becomes easy for you in the long run.

    5. Remember They Are Not Mind Readers

    If you are thinking that your man will understand you even when you don't speak a word to him about what is going on with you, then let me remind you, it is a waste of time.

    Men are not mind readers. How will they ever know what goes on in your mind if you don't share it all by yourself?

    It takes a lifetime to fully understand a person.

    I will give you a related instance from day-to-day life.

    Only when a baby cries, the mother knows, the baby is hungry or has crapped. If the baby won't cry, how will the mom know, what is in the mind of the baby?

    All you need to do is talk to your man about what you feel. He will understand and help you out. Reach out to them and they will reach out to you as well.

    6. Don't Be A Drama Queen

    Men like sophistication and a classy attitude. Provide your man with that and he will be the happiest when he is with you. If you make dramas and portray like your life is an act, then be certain that the man will walk away from you in the near future, without saying a word.

    Play it cool, be normal and spontaneous. Don't do any kind of melodramatic activities. It is a futile attempt.

    7. Do Not Try To Be His Mom

    The last thing you would ever want to do with him is trying to be his mother by nagging and complaining of petty things. It won't go well with him. It will surely create a negative impact on him.

    8. Exercise Flirt Sessions

    Flirt with your man!

    Tease, play, flirt. Engage your man in flirty conversations, sometimes a little more than just intimate flirting. Tease him and play the roles with him. This keeps the relationship going healthy and with true spirits of love.

    9. Be Patient With Him

    Remember, it is normal for men to sit and procrastinate. Don't think they are thinking something or are serious about anything.

    Men can sit in front of the television for hours and not even blink. But even when you close the TV they would still be looking at it. This is an indication of they procrastinating.

    Mostly, women go up to their man during this time and keep asking about what they are thinking. But honestly, men in those moments are just blank. It is hard to digest it, but it is true.

    10. Be Young And Make Him Feel The Same

    Men like being young at heart. Make your man feel alive and keep the glitters on in the relationship. Talk to him about how you guys started to fall in love with each other and how it was hard for you both in the initial days of love, to be with each other and how much you cherished those small moments of meeting, etc.

    11. Matters That Are Important, Discuss Them

    Have a healthy and important conversation and discuss the matters that are important to the both of you or for either one. Do not keep important matters on hold to discuss later.

    If you are concerned about something, be sure to talk about the same that particular day and don't stall it for the next day.

    12. Maintain Privacy

    Men like things being private. If you trust your man, give them that privacy, don't open their phones, laptops, diary without their knowledge.

    13. Value Him The Most

    Remember you and your partner are a team. Value him the most in your life. He does the same too. Appreciate his worth, as relationships are based on acknowledging each other's worth. Acknowledging helps in strengthening the relationship and the bonding keeps growing.

    I hope you have gathered the knowledge that you sought for. I wish you the very best in your relationship.

    If there is any query that you want to speak about, feel free to add your query in the comment section.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 12:40 [IST]
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