Signs That You Are In An Emotional Affair

By Tanya

Being emotionally attached and being physically attached are completely two different things.

You could be physically attached to your partner but are you really emotionally attached?

emotional affair

If you find comfort in talking to someone else emotionally than your partner, then you are definitely in an emotional affair. Intentionally, you might not be cheating your partner but apparently, you are. Following are the signs that show you are in an emotional affair.


You tend to always keep on comparing your partner with your emotionally attached friend. You always keep on taunting them that you don't talk this, you don't say that, etc. Nobody likes to be compared. So, it's better that you stop comparing and start doing.

Hiding Friendship

Yes, you tend to hide this emotional bond and the friendship from your partner. You hide texts, call history, delete chats and other data related to them while you are with your partner. You never talk to your partner about this friendship or the bond. There is nothing to hide in it, rather tell him/her about it. They might appreciate it.

Physical Pleasure

Sometimes when you are not getting that emotional support from your partner, you tend to lose interest in physical stuff as well. If you are losing interest in physical attachment as well due to your emotional affair, you better take care of it before it's too late. Do not affect your sex life due to an external solace.

First Person To Go To

You always find it comfortable to go only to your emotionally attached friend whenever you need help or any advice or if anything wrong happens. Before seeking up to your partner, you seek up to your friend. This is not advisable at all because no partner likes to share their partner with any other person emotionally at least.

You Blackmail Your Partner

You keep on blackmailing your partner that you will go to your emotionally attached friend whenever you both fall into a fight. You keep on blackmailing that your friend really loves you and you might ditch your partner and go to your friend.

You Talk More To Your Emotionally Attached Friend

You also tend to talk more to your friend than your partner. You are always on the call or texts with your friend more than your partner. If you will keep on doing this, there will be a communication gap and a war between you and your partner. This will only widen an emotional gap between you and your partner.

Sharing Personal Issues

You tend to share all the personal issues and intimate moments going on between you and your partner. From a fight to a great sex, you tell your emotionally attached friend all and then seek suggestions. You also keep them informed about all the second's activities and find solace in doing so. It is highly inadvisable not to do so because you never know what might result in what sense. You might end up losing your partner's trust. Your friend might take an advantage of the situation and can create problems between you and your partner. Or your partner will never like it that their partner is sharing it all with some other person.

Spending More Time With The Other One

You keep on making more plans with the other person you feel you are more emotionally attached with. You seek to spend more time with the other person than your partner. It is a very unhealthy practice. Just imagine your partner doing the same. How will you feel? Pathetic? Won't you? Your partner needs you more than you need anyone else. So, rather than spending and planning more things with the other person, it is advisable to make more plans with your partner.

Keep On Talking About That Friend In Front Of Your Partner

Yes, you keep telling your partner that what your friend did, said, had, etc. The topic of conversation with your partner always revolves around the friend you are emotionally attached with. Your partner will never like it and appreciate it. They will start thinking that you have lost interest and fallen out of love with them.

All the above-mentioned points are the signs of having an emotional affair with the person you might be tagged as your best friend. This will only lead to a havoc and unhealthy practices in your relationship.

If you have fallen out of love with your partner, you rather speak up about it with your partner. Do not give them a chance of feeling miserable and feeling that they have not been available enough for you.

There is a very thin line between an emotional affair and love. You never know when you end up leaving your partner and being with the other person. If things are not working out, better speak up rather than dragging it down.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 20:45 [IST]
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