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Signs That Suggest The Man You Like Only Likes You As His Friend

In spite of stereotypic thinking that men are the only ones who get friend zoned, we the generation as a whole need to look into the depth of girls being friend zoned as well. To be true to the concept it is both sexes that friendzone each other. Break the stereotypic mentality and think ahead. There are clear signs that suggest the man you like only likes you as his friend and being a woman you should have a look at these signs.

You have started like a man but you are not sure if he feels the same way for you or not. You need to find it out. Every human has typical gestures and behaviours when it comes to liking someone. All you got to do is look into these signs and figure out if he is going to like you back or has taken you as a friend.

What Are These Signs?

1. He Doesn't Flirt With You

It is the best way to understand if he likes you back or takes you as a friend. Even if you two are good friends and if the guy kind of has some likeness towards you, he will definitely indulge in some flirt activity and will try to portray it someway or the other about his liking. He will give you attention and will give you clues about his likeness.

And if you feel these have never happened between you and your friend then it possible is a great sign to understand that he only thinks of you as a friend.

2. He Talks About Other Girls

While you both chat, he mentions other girls. This suggests that he is not into you. A guy never talks about other girls with the girl he likes. He refrains himself. But if he is the one talking about other girls with you, then you are at a dead end.

3. No Change In Behaviour

If you think he is into you, you need to look into his behaviour towards you and other friends. The thing about men is they portray a lot of emotion through the way they converse and behave with people. If you see he has no behavioural changes if compared between you and other friends, then he is probably not into you. Behaviour plays a key role in understanding the emotions.

4. He Refers To You As 'Bro'

If he refers to you as a bro, then be certain he is not into you. This is one definite sign to understand if the man you like takes you more than a friend or not. Calling you 'bro' means he takes you as a very good friend and he likes to keep it that way and doesn't want anything more than it. You can't do anything after this. You have been friend zoned for sure.

5. He Matches You Up With Others

If he is trying to match you up with someone, then it suggests he is keen on being a friend of yours and is following the duty of being a true friend. This is one sure instance where you get to know that he is not liking you any more than a friend.

These are the five signs you need to look deep into in order to know what is in his mind. Do not portray your feelings before knowing these signs and having a confirmation from him that he wants you the way you wanted him. If not then don't blow out the friendship you have with him and do not let your feelings be mocked about, with other friends. Finding these signs are the biggest priority for you.

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Story first published: Friday, July 20, 2018, 16:45 [IST]
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