Reasons Why Introverts Are Irresistible; Things You Need To Know

By A Mixed Nerve

Do you think you can call yourself an introvert?

Most people think that if you are an introvert, you are socially quiet and keep yourself a little away from everyone. But the actual definition of an introvert is that he is someone who recharges his or her energy while being in a solitary confinement created by himself/herself.

An extrovert, on the other hand, is totally opposite and is the one who replenishes energy by engaging in an interchange of conversations by meeting with people socially.

introverts are irresistible

Mostly, we see extroverts being liked by many as they come out and showcase what qualities they have. But some people prefer being with introverts as they know introverts have a heart of gold inside them.

As an introvert, one doesn't feel comfortable being around large groups of people, but is very social and becomes a social planner for a small network of friends. Introverts simply need "me" time to recharge: cuddling up with a book, or watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, or colouring an illustrated adult colouring book, in lieu of hanging out with others.

If you are one of them who find introverts admirable, this article is for you then.

Here are the reasons why introverts are irresistible.

1. Curiosity Is An Attractive Feature

Introverts are very curious by nature and this habit makes them irresistible. They have a natural tendency to be curious about things around. An introvert brings the same level of curiosity he/she shows in his/her normal life with the people while conversing.

2. Very Loyal In Nature

Introverts are very loyal in nature. Introverts will have a very small network of friends, but they tend to be closer to them. Because of this solid bonding, they are very loyal, and often put others before themselves. They might not like larger group games, because they adore and cherish deep rather than shallow interactions and prefer to play two-player board games.

Introverts believe in their friends and their partners to the core. They are the biggest cheerleader, pushing you to excel, and they are trustworthy while they trust you wholeheartedly. They will stand by you until the end. They are your most trusted partner-in-crime and your secret keeper.

3. Deep Conversations

Introverts have a greater affinity for deeper conversations and they enjoy conversations with intellect and curiosity. It is an irresistible thing about them. Introverts are not hateful people but if they hate one thing, it is having small talks or pointless conversations. Introverts dive deep into the middle of the conversation seeking the deepest connection. This makes them irresistible.

4. They Keep Improving Themselves

Introverts always are on the path of improving themselves. Introverts tend to be inwardly focused thinkers. They are always on the hunt to identify areas in which they can improve and do what they can to be better. Being with someone who betters themselves of their own accord is an irresistible feeling.

5. Introverts Are Realistic!

Being with someone who is realistic in nature and in thoughts is always a great thing. Introverts being extremely realistic in character show lesser emotion and more reasons in any situation. This says, illogical and stupid emotional crap is not in the picture if you are dating or are in a relationship with an introvert person.

6. Intimate Connection Is Something They Seek

They love connections being intimate in nature. They admire that. If an introvert has to choose between partying or reading a book or talking with someone in private, an introvert person will always choose the last option. Face to face conversations appeals introverts.

These are the reasons that make introvert people irresistible. And we all agree upon these. The beauty of being with an introvert is that there is always that 'x' factor in them that makes them irresistible. We cannot ignore it.

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