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    Make Your First Date A Worthy One In Order To Continue On Coming Dates

    By Tanya Ruia

    First love, might not be first, or not even might be love. But, the feeling of firsts is always extraordinary. A first date is also special. The first date leaves an impression of each other on each other. If the first date turns out to be boring, your date would never want to see you again and go out on a date with you. Neither would you ever appreciate and like a boring date. Would you? No, right?

    So, the way you expect your date to be fun, you also need to put on some efforts to make it fun for the other person.

    first date

    Let's see which are the ways by which you can make the first date fun not only for your date but for yourself too.

    Be yourself

    Originals are always better than the Xerox. If you just be yourself, your date will be much more fun filled. Your date will also feel comfortable and would want to be themselves. In order to impress your date, you might be a joker or a boring person in front of him/ her and would leave a bad impression.

    Make a fun plan

    A date doesn't have to be always a drinking date or a subtle dinner date or something usual like that. It can be an adventurous and fun date too. Like a date in adventure park or a museum, a horror movie date, dare date, blind date, etc. You can also plan for an unusual location of date also. Like a sassy restaurant, a themed restaurant, etc.

    Be intellectual

    A witty man/ woman always stay. Wit and intellect can win over anyone. Intellect is one thing that no one can copy or take away from you. Be enthusiastic enough in your conversations. That doesn't mean that you have to be bragging about yourself. Play with the sense of humour and make the other person get involved in your conversation.

    Play games

    You can choose your home or a place where you can play some fun games like Scrabble, ludo, carrom, monopoly, truth and dare, beer pong, etc. Rapid fire is one good idea where you get too intimate and intellectual and understand each other better. Games help a lot in knowing each other and creating an interesting environment for both. Games are one such platform where two people get along very well.

    Bitch about exes and past dates

    Always ask about bad dates and ask if you are also being a date or not. That would really help in building up the game. Make fun of funny exes and previous dates. It is always fun to discuss weird and bad dates, exes, etc. Dates actually find it fun and intellectual to do so. But that doesn't mean you can hurt or offend someone. Play this trick carefully.

    Karaoke is also a good idea

    Karaokes are too much in these days and are fun too. You can always involve your date into fun singing. For this, you do not have to be a great singer. Karaoke is fun only when you are doing some fun singing without thinking about the judgement process. First date and a cool karaoke make an awesome combination. Doing unexpected things make a good point on a fun first date.

    Zero expectations

    Anyone who doesn't keep any expectations is the happiest person on this earth. Zero expectations lead to infinite happiness in the world. The least you expect, the better you become. Don't go to the date without any expectations. Simply take yourself on the platter and kill it with your vibe. Make sure that your date also has zero expectations of you. Then only it will be considered as a fun date.

    Dress up well

    The first impression is the last impression. No matter if it is a girl or a boy, dressing up well plays a major role. If you are dressed up well, your game immediately steps up. You do not have to be overdressed in order to impress your date. Wear comfortable enough clothes so that you can get indulged in any type of fun activities so that your date can be more fun.

    Follow the above tricks and you will definitely get a call back from your date the very next day or the very next moment you reach home.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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