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    Have You Ever Fallen In Love? Love Is A Mystery You Need To Solve

    Love is a feeling of giving. Love is the chemistry of protons and neutrons in the cell. Love is the eternal drug and humans are the consumers. Love makes one feel happy, sad, confused, and frustrated. It also brings the best out of people. Love is soulful. Love is the eternal reality of two bodies craving to be one.

    Love is not just a word with bundles of emotion, converging the whole nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems of our body to act according to its want and desire. It is a mixture of everything that our senses perceive.

    fallen in love

    Have you ever had such a feeling? Have you ever had this kind of love? Have you ever asked for such love?

    Have you ever fallen in love?  How do you know that this is love?

    1. When You Cannot Fall In Love Unless You Feel The Soul

    Falling in lust is easier. You will fall for it. But falling in love and expressing yourself in love is difficult. Love can be a madness you cannot handle. Love is the connection of soul with soul. And unless you touch the person's soul, you cannot fall in love and neither can your partner. The love-driven lust is the one you need. But hardly anyone gets that feeling. People take love to be a lust-driven love. It is always the opposite.

    2. When Your First Thought Of The Day Is About The Person You Love

    It is easy to think about someone the whole day. But that isn't love that you feel. It is just attraction. The first of your thought when you wake up should be about the person you love and if that happens then you know you are in love with the person. The next thousands of thoughts that come during the daytime will be a support to the very first thought when you wake up. The love evolves within then.

    3. When You Know You Will Do Anything To Make Your Love Happy

    If it is love then it will always be about giving. If you think you will do anything for your love to just make him/her happy, then you are in love. Love is all about making the person you love, happy. If you do that then you have nothing more to add to your love. Giving is the only way of loving.

    4. When You Have No Expectation

    When you have no expectation from someone you love, you know the truth of loving. People mistake love for owning. You don't own anyone in love. You liberate yourself in love. You just fall in love and give. You don't expect. If you do, then be certain that it is not love. It is just the idea of love. And the idea of love is not the way of love. Love is never about expecting that if you give love, you will get it in return.

    5. When You Know You Don't Just Love The Appearance

    If you love someone, you love the soul. You love the way they are. You don't want to change them. The appearance doesn't bother you. They might be flawed in every way but you ignore those flaws for you have fallen for the soul and you know the soul is not flawed.

    6. When You Understand That Love Is The Nature Of The Soul

    You fall in love when you unerstand that love is the nature of the soul. Understanding a soul takes a lifetime. But when you try to understand you see the clarity of love, what it asks, and what it craves. Your soul never asks you anything other than falling in love. Souls connect in the form of love. That is their calling.

    These are the 6 ways in which you know you are in love.

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