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Find The Signs That Suggest He Just Wants To Sleep With You

By Soham

Are you getting the hint from him that he just wants to sleep with you and have no other connection? How do you know? Do you want to find out the ways in which you could figure out his intentions, don't you? Well, what if I give you the signs? It will be an easier task for you after that, isn't it?

Well, I know you have come across hundreds of men that follow you on social media and you have met several of them. Every time you meet one, he gives you certain vibes that make you feel uncomfortable.

You have always searched for ways to find out how you will know the motive behind the person you are meeting or going out on a date.

In order to find the true intention behind the fair mask of the men, you need to dig deeper into the behaviour he portrays and the vibe he gives.

These signs that are mentioned will give you the idea of how to know the intention of the man you are meeting or going out on a date with.

Find The Signs That Suggest He Just Wants To Sleep With You

1. Every date they plan involves a movie in it

A sure-shot sign to know whether he just wants to sleep with you.

A decent man will take you out to a theater to watch a movie and this suggests he wants you to be comfortable with him first.

A man who only wants sex will make sure to convey watching movies either at your place or at his. He will never prefer to go the theater.

He might be a nice guy too; but he definitely dreams of getting steamy with you.

2. Alcohol is his way

He asks you out for drinks, not coffee or tea for sure. He makes sure it is alcohol.

He wants you to drink with him because he knows that alcohol is a way to loosen yourself and go ahead with whatever your mind says.

If there is a party at his place and he has invited you, then be sure that his intentions are to sleep with you.

There's a chance he just wants people to come hang out, but he texted you specifically and asked you to come within a conversation, then you can assume he's probably hoping to have sex with you.

3. He doesn't want to know more about you

All he cares is sex with him and nothing else matters to him. If he is interested in you for sex, it will be pretty obvious to you once you start talking about yourself, you will find him distracted.

His intentions of just sleeping with you are found when nothing about you interests him other than your body.

4. He keeps getting close

He never misses a chance of being close to you. If you are at a coffee shop, he won't sit opposite but right next to you. He will try to be as close as he can, in order to arouse sensual feelings in you.

If this persists, then you should assume that his intentions are not knowing you but sleeping with you.

5. He uses too much perfume

He keeps using the perfume that you like. Not just in a normal quantity but a little bit more or even at a time more than any person should. You need to know that his intentions are basically to lure you towards him.

6. He talks about his physique

If he talks about how often he goes to the gym, then you know that he is trying to charm you by saying his body is fit and perfect. His reason for sleeping with you is this.

A man will find plenty of ways to try luring you in order to sleep with him. But these are most common and specific ways that men use in order to provoke you to have sex with them. If you are willing to then go ahead. But if you aren't, then you need to understand from this, that you are supposed to walk away from such people. It is for your own benefit.

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