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    Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

    By Tanya

    As the heading says, definitely the distance makes the heart grow fonder but not for someone else, but for your partner.

    In the 21st century, where the millennial think that a long-distance relationship neither works nor lasts, then you should rather take in concern the long-distance relationships that work far across the continents for years and years and do have happy endings, rather they don't end.

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder

    A long-distance relationship needs these following drops of water to nurture their tree of love.

    Video calls

    Technology has already taken over and no one is unaware of the video call feature on their cell phones. Your partner is just a video call away. Miss them, kiss them, get intimate with them, make them feel like you are there without the screen barriers. How about calling them from the trial rooms and taking suggestions?

    Surprise visit

    A small surprise visit to your partner does no harm. It is always overwhelming to surprise your partner who is longing to see you and touch you. Plan a quick and short surprise visit to your partner on a weekend and make it memorable.

    Surprise gifts

    A gift need not be expensive all the time. Keep surprising them with cute and small gifts, make videos for your them, send movies, etc. These small gestures will also keep making them feel loved and wanted. A Netflix update won't hurt either.

    Video dates

    Who says that a date needs a fancy restaurant? If you love someone, an ice cream date is also fancy if you eat it together. Arrange for a small dinner at their place with the help of their roomie or friends and arrange for the same for yourself and ask them to video call. Your partner will really feel as if they are on a date with you without the barriers of the screen.


    It's really not cheap until the time it is hurting someone. Long-distance relationships do suffer a lot of intimacy problems and seek for other options. But, why would they even need someone else if you can provide them the same pleasure through technology? Make video calls and have a good time, sex chat and phone sex are always a good option. Your partner will never feel out of lust with you. Create that same intimacy over the call.


    To keep your long-distance relationship alive, play games like rapid fire, and other fun games to keep it chirpy and alive. It makes you cope up with the changes in the taste of your partner and makes them feel interested and loved.

    Plan a vacation

    Plan a good long vacation with your long-distance partner. It will nourish your relationship to a whole new level. Eat, sleep, explore, trek, have fun and adventure, party like there's no tomorrow, do everything that you have been longing to do. It will add a whole lot new energy and charisma to your relationship.

    Order Food

    Order food for your partner. Wow! What could be better than receiving food as a gift? Order a nice meal of pizza or desserts for your long-distance partner. Imagine your partner having a really bad day at the office, and then they come home and find an amazing meal or a dessert at their doorstep, ordered by their love, the feeling is next level. Trust me!

    Surprise spa voucher

    So, what if you both can't go for a couple spa? All you need to do is buy him/her a weekend voucher of spa and make them feel special. At the same time, you can also go for a spa and keep on updating them so as to know how you are feeling.

    Long distance is always not a bad thing. You just have to know how to maintain it. Rather than cheating and finding it to be monotonous, find ways to sparkle it up. Rather than cribbing for breakups, find ways how you can make the relationship lovable.

    Story first published: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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