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Awkward Situations That Every New Couple Faces

By Tanya Ruia

They say that sex is the first milestone for any couple to cross. But, are you sure that this is the only one? Of course not!

When a couple starts dating, they do not know of many situations that they might come across and they have to face it anyhow. In order to make the relationship work and keep on going, they need to cross some awkward milestones.

If a couple has crossed these milestones, then definitely they are ready to take their relationship a long way. Crossing these awkward situations will help you grow more in love.

Let's see what are these awkward situations :

First Fart

Despite being a natural phenomenon, farts are really awkward and put you into a very awkward situation. But the first fart in front of your partner is a great milestone. If you are able to cross this huge milestone, then you are well prepared to take this relationship far off as it tells about the comfort level that you share. If you are comfortable enough to fart in front of each other then you are good to go.


Just like an awkward situation of farting, burping is also one of the awkward situations that some people might not be comfortable with. While some people consider it to be a natural phenomenon, it might be a thing of discomfort for some people. So it is also one of the awkward situations that a couple needs to cross over when they start dating.

Splitting Bills

You go on a date for the first time with your partner and both of you take out your cards to pay the bill and start arguing, "I will pay the bill, I will pay the bill". Let any one of you pay the bill for the first time and can decide to split it happily from the next one. It is a very awkward and major milestone for any newly dating couple that needs to be crossed as soon as possible. Money shouldn't be a matter of discomfort or awkwardness between a couple ever.

Bumping Into The Exes

You go out with your new partner and suddenly bump into your ex or bump into your partner's ex; just think how heated up that situation can be. But, you decide to remove the awkwardness and introduce your partner to your ex and make the situation smooth. Exes can be one thing that can put you into a very awkward situation. A random call or a text from them in front of your partner can make your new partner very angry and situations uncontrollable, but it is your duty to play safe and handle it better.

Always keep your exes informed about your current relationship status to avoid the awkwardness with your partner.

Drunk Scenes

You have just started dating a person and you go drinking together; your partner or you get drunk and make a scene, maybe funny, emotional, hyper, anything, but, of course, awkward for the first time. A drunk scene is a very sensitive scene. It can be super emotional, super hyper, funny, or anything. But, it is awkward to face your partner the next day after the first drunk night of your relationship. This is a milestone that you two have to cross and accept as soon as possible in your relationship to let it go smooth and have more fun in your upcoming drunk sessions.

Hairy Encounter

Just imagine, it is your second session of getting intimate with your new partner and you are not waxed or shaved properly and your private parts are not well groomed this time. It can put you into a very awkward situation when your partner is trying to get intimate. But, this is a situation and phase that you both have to admit that you are a human being and now are with each other, so it is not necessary that you or your partner will stay groomed all the time. It is okay to have a hairy encounter sometimes and that should be a level of comfort. Make yourself and your partner comfortable with the fact that it is okay if you both are not groomed sometimes; the love and intimacy will still remain the same.

Meeting Parents

It is a huge milestone in any couple's journey. Meeting each other's parents is much tougher than facing board examination results. You don't know what questions your parents can bombard you with, what decisions they might take, if they will like your partner or not, etc. What if your partner behaves abruptly in front of your parents or you fail miserably in front of your partner's parents due to nervousness. All these questions are a part of the awkwardness milestone that you both have to cross while taking the next step.

Not all relationships are perfect from the very first day. They take a lot of effort and comfort levels to reach that perfect phase.

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