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    Are You Being Clingy? Avoid Being So In A Relationship.

    By Soham

    Men and women in a relationship start being clingy in a matter of time. It is not a good sign in relationships. If you start being clingy, your partner will start walking away. Do you think you are being clingy in your relationship? Do you want to avoid it? If yes, go through the article to find all the necessary enlightenment you are seeking about how to not be clingy in your relationship.

    Being clingy is not a good sign in any relationship, as it takes a little amount of time before the relationship goes down the road and dismantles.

    are you being clingy

    You can do nothing about it at that point. But you definitely can work now to keep the relationship intact.
    Being clingy is a habit and all you need to do is let go of it.

    Let's get in touch with the ways to avoid being clingy in the relationship. Remember, it is for your benefit and your partner's as well.

    Are You Being Clingy? Avoid Being So In A Relationship.

    1. Start Being Mature

    You need to respect your partner in the same way you think you deserve to be respected. There should be given personal space and you should adhere to it. You need to respect his/her wishes. You definitely should give privacy and that matters a lot in the relationship. Asking for space or time doesn't mean the person is pulling away someway or the other. Everybody needs to recharge their inner self from time to time. It is a necessity.

    2. Have Your Own Identity. It Does Matter.

    People who are independent need not be told this. They know that all individuals need some time of their own and when you are a couple, you should be staying away from each other for a while in order to maintain the relationship and keep it intact. It is very much helpful and it takes the relationship a long way.

    Having your own identity gives you the charm of being recognized all by yourself and not by your partner's name. This itself is a plus for your relationship.

    3. Being Dependent Is Not Good At All

    What has ever been achieved by being dependent on anyone? Nothing at all. So, stop being dependent on your partner. Let your partner be on his/her way when he/she wants. He/She won't be available to save you from any problem at any particular moment. It will take some time for him/her to reach you as well.

    So, dependency is like you are paralyzed and you do not want that at all. Rather than being that your partner would respect you more if you start fighting your own battles. Your partner will definitely support you more there.

    4. Do What You Like And What Interests You

    When you didn't have a partner, you used to do things that would keep you happy. So, why are you not doing it anymore? Continue doing things that make you happy, irrespective of your partner being there or not. It doesn't matter and it seriously makes you a better person in front of your partner.

    Being in wait and calling your partner several times when he/she is available and is meeting you so that you can spend time with them and be happy is foolishness and an act of being clingy. Neither you or your partner will enjoy such a habit.

    5. Control Anxiety

    Some clingy people have anxiety issues for which they are so clingy. If you are one of them, you need to know there are various options in order to stop being anxious about your partner. If you keep being anxious, your partner might feel himself/herself to be the reason for your anxiety and you do not want that at all.

    Try to turn that anxiety into something positive and constructive that would help you in controlling that anxiety. If you feel anxious, try meditating, it keeps your body calm and keeps you less troubled with anxiety. It also channels positivity into you.

    6. Be Active On Social Media

    Start networking on social media and involve yourself more there. This way, you would stop being clingy and start leading a life that just doesn't revolve around your partner. Talk to new people, know their stories and in this way, when your partner is with you, you can share all these and have conversation topics as well. The habit of being clingy goes away.

    These points help you to avoid being clingy in the relationship.

    Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 18:45 [IST]
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