7 Things That Women Want From Men; Do You Know?

By A Mixed Nerve

Humans are expecting beings. There is a certain level of expectation that flows within us. Concentrated with expectations, men and women constantly look up to things that excite them.

Women have different kinds of expectations than men. Talking about women in a relationship and their expectations, it is not difficult to know the expectations that a woman has from her man.

Things that women want from men

Women expect a lot but the expectations are all about small things or emotions. In order to know the wants a woman has, one must seek deep into her feelings and her mind to find it out. But in general, there are certain expectations and wants a woman has.

Here are 7 things that women want from men and you should know about this...

1. Don't Stop Showering Love

Women, when are being wooed, feel they are on the top of the world. But after getting into a relationship the love that came in the form of flowers, small tokens of love, gifts, etc., stops and that is something they hate.

They want their man to be showering love even after they are in a relationship and not in the initial days. It makes them feel special and they expect it a lot.

2. Be Open About Yourself

Every woman wants to know her partner well, before getting into a relationship. She wants you to tell her all about you in order to have a familiarity with you. This gives her the confidence to trust you.

Women love it when men tell them all that they need to know and want to know. It makes them feel secure.

3. Treat Them As Ladies

Women prefer men who treat them the way they want and show the etiquettes required. They don't want any special treatment from you in such cases. They want you to be "just" in the way you treat a lady. Women want you to show genuine chivalry and that makes them glued to you in their mind. They admire such quality.

Independent women prefer men showing some class and having a personality. They love to see the work of chivalry in your mannerism.

4. Women Like To Talk

Women like conversing and if you can join them, their expectation from you is matched. Women like to vent it out and if you are the person who is hearing all her troubles and topics brewing in her mind, then be certain you have their trust and confidence. They love to spend hours with someone they can confide in.

5. Remember The Dates

It is important for women that you remember dates or landmarks of the relationship. If you are constantly forgetting, it is said you are walking the opposite direction from your relationship and that is something a woman doesn't like.

Remembering dates like the first date, when you both officially got into the relationship, Valentine's Day, etc., is a good way to keep your woman with you.
She respects the fact that you are into this relationship, remembering everything about it. This makes her happy and she feels complete.

6. Give Them Time To Get Ready

Women adore those men who let them have enough time to get ready. They love it, even more, when you are not jealous or nervous when other men look at your woman.
Women love to dress up and when you give them that time, they crave to be with you.

7. Do Not Break Promises

Women want their men to be honest. They like it when you keep the promises you make. They hate it when you don't fulfill promises.
It is okay for them that you don't make any promises but if you do, you need to keep them.

Women have very specific and certain wants and needs and if you are not abiding by them, it becomes difficult for them as well as for you to stay in the relationship.

In order to help the relationship grow, you need to follow these simple wants and try to keep up. Women see efforts and they admire the perseverance you show as well.

Hope this article has given you the information you require!

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