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Does Fear Turn Anyone On? Why People Get Into Kinky Stuff?


Though some people like to stick to what's considered normal, some people love to experiment a lot in their physical relationships.

When the regular stuff becomes boring, that is when some people try to experiment with the fear emotion in the bedroom. Fear, uncertainty and anticipation seem to give them thrill.

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To most of us, it seems very strange how fear can cause pleasure. Some emotions have similar chemical responses in the brain and the body. Here are some more facts.


Fact #1

When a person is scared, the heart rate increases. The breathing rate speeds up. The blood pressure rises up and that is when the body releases a substance known as epinephrine and norepinephrine.


Fact #2

Even arousal has similar changes in the body: elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, rapid breathing and sweating. All of them happen due to the release of testosterone.

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Fact #3

There is a slight similarity in the physical response when the body reacts to arousal and fear. Though they are totally different emotions, as there is a similarity in the way the body reacts to them, some people are interested to mix both of them in the bed room. That is how some people get involved in kinky play.


Fact #4

For some people, a small dose of fear can intensify their arousal. But why are they like that? Well, there is a theory behind it. It is known as the roller-coaster theory.

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Fact #5

Some people are born with stimulus-apmlifiers. They are the people who choose something peaceful as they have the capacity to experience everything intensely. They may get over whelmed fast when they experience certain sensations. That is why they avoid horror movies.


Fact #6

And people who fall in the group of 'stimulus-reducers' watch horror movies and roller coaster rides. They seek thrill.

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They require strong stimuli in bigger proportions than others to feel something. Now, you must have understood why some people prefer hardcore games, fear and torture inside the bedroom.


Fact #7

People who seek thrill are just trying to experience fear but in controlled conditions so that they are finally safe. Whether it is bungee jumping or kinky stuff in the bed room they are activities under safe and controlled conditions but they release chemicals related to fear.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 11:06 [IST]
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