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Why Do We Tilt Our Heads Towards The Right When Kissing?

Though it sounds funny, have you ever wondered why you tilt your head towards the right when you try to kiss your beloved? Why don't you lean towards the left?

Well, now researchers found an answer to this question. They say that a lot of cognitive science and neuroscience is behind this simple natural action of most of us.

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Well, when you tilt towards the right, your partner also naturally does the same to reach your lips. We all have a tendency to match the action of the loved one during a kiss, says this study. Here are more facts.


What Studies Say

A study claims that men generally initiate a kiss more often than women. And when they do that, they tilt towards the right. This happens almost subconsciously as we are hard-wired to do so!

From The Beginning!

Most of the human beings have a tendency to move towards the right. Even in the womb, the foetus seems to turn the head towards the right. Even in adulthood, most of us use right hand and right leg to initiate any action.

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Ingrained Behaviour

As certain behaviours are ingrained in us, we continue those actions throughout the lifetime. And we never seem to question those natural actions as they happen without our interference!

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As a part of the study, researchers requested several couples to kiss in private. Surprisingly, almost all couples started the kiss by tilting the head towards the right! Both the one who initiated the kiss and the recipient seemed to do so without thinking twice!

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Initiator's Action

When the initiator tilts towards the right, the recipient naturally does so to make the kiss more convenient.

Brain Activity

Though this action seems very simple on the surface, a lot of brain activity causes the tilt towards the right, say researchers.

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Researchers attribute this action even to hormones like testosterone and neurotransmitters like dopamine. This action may vary in some people who are left handed and prefer left direction more than anything else.

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