Why Do Men Prefer To Marry Less Attractive Women

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Sometimes, being attractive might really not work in favour when compared to women who are less attractive and yet have really handsome partners. Is there any reason as to why men prefer to marry less attractive women?

Or when you look at a young handsome guy hanging out with a woman who is not that attractive, there is a catch as opposites attract!

Check out for the reasons as to why smart men generally prefer settling down for less attractive women and marrying them.


The Cosmetic Craze

Men do not wish to see their partners to be decked up all the time, as this would be a flaky relationship. They prefer women who do not have extreme cosmetic craze.


Real Self Is More Appealing To Them

Though men get intimated when they look at super models, who have an amazing physique, it does not attract them when it comes to their diet and lifestyle habits. They prefer women who are foodies and are not conscious about their image.


Attractive Women Are Considered Unfaithful

This is one of the sickest things you would have read on the net, but yes there are men out there who consider attractive women to be unfaithful. Hence, they settle down with somebody who is less attractive.


They Are Responsible

Men want a woman who can take care of them and things around the house. They assume lesser attractive women to be more occupied with these responsibilities than worldly pleasures!

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