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Why Committed Relationships Are Better Than Causal Relationships And One-Night Stands

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In this modern era, casual relationships, one night stands, blind dates and open relationships have become a trend. People get into them seeking thrill. But committed relationships will never be outdated as long as human race exists.

Why? Well, human beings can't live on seeking thrill alone. There are so many other areas which need to be addressed in life.

If you love dark chocolate, can you live all your life eating chocolate alone? No, it isn't possible and it isn't healthy. In the same way, you can't underestimate the power of a committed relationship. Read on...


Reason #1

You will have someone to talk, discuss and share ideas. At the end of the day, making love isn't the only thing that gives joy in life. You also need someone to talk about your life.

After a day's work, if you have a lap to lie down on or a listening ear to share what happened throughout the day, you will get more relief that sex alone can't give.


Reason #2

Okay, you want to go for a movie or a party. You can't go with someone who just sees you as a one night stand. A committed relationship offers you the company you need.


Reason #3

You can enjoy the physical side without having any doubts about diseases when you are sleeping with a committed partner. If you are on a one-night stand, you can't really do much because you don't know anything about the person's health.


Reason #4

When you need help on anything, you will have a helping hand just waiting to make you reduce your load and feel better. That's the biggest power of a committed relationship. One night stands don't offer so much.


Reason #5

Your looks take a back seat once you are committed to someone. Your clothes, hairstyle or body fat will no longer be the sole factors that decide how attractive you are to your partner.


Reason #6

You will feel peaceful in the company of committed partner. When you are randomly dating someone for a one night stand, you neither feel secure nor safe. Though you may get momentary thrill, it isn't peace.


Reason #7

Life seems to be beautiful and even big problems seem to be small if you are in a committed relationship.

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Story first published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 15:23 [IST]
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