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10 Things You're Doing That Are Turning Your Guy Off!

Knowing what turns a man off in a relationship isn't rocket science. Men are a bit predictable. In this post, let us discuss what turns him off.

Nobody will be able to like you 100%! They might like a few qualities in you and they may get ready to accept the other parts of your personality.

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So, when somebody is in love with you, taking him or her for granted may backfire. If what you do frequently turns off your partner, the attraction and the desire to live together may gradually wane.

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If you are a woman dating a man, then here are some things that turn off a man.



Are you wondering what turns a man off in a relationship? Do you have the habit of taking a selfie all the time even when your guy is around?

Spending too much time in front of the mirror or taking too many selfies when your guy is around may turn him off. Those are signs of self-obsession. Well, when your guy isn't around, you can spend the whole day looking at the mirror or taking selfies.

But when he is around, he may feel bored and frustrated.

Hair Strands

When he comes to your room for a sleepover, if he sees hair strands stuck in the furniture, on the floor, in the tea cup and almost everywhere, it may turn him off!

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Attention Seeking Behaviour

Talking loudly, laughing loudly as if the whole world should look at you, trying to act sweet and innocent may turn him off. Wait!

If such things are part of your personality, then you don't need to change. But doing certain things only for attention may be a turn off!


This is one of the worst things that could turn guys off. Of course, it doesn't mean that men are not into gossip. All human beings gossip. But the levels vary. If you are too much into discussing about the ugly side of others' lives, it is surely a turn off.

Being Clumsy

Being disorganised, unruly, untidy or clumsy may look sweet and cute when you are in your teenage. But not after you grow up!

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Making Him Jealous

Do you get a kick when you make your man jealous? Well, do you casually flirt or throw compliments to other guys in front of him to check his reactions? Well, too much of that may turn him off.

Being Close To 10 Other Guys

Do you tell most of your secrets to a few other men who are your close friends? Well, your man might not be very comfortable about that.

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Not Being Real

Not being real will turn any man off. It is better to act your age, show some maturity and behave like an adult if you don't want to spoil his mood.

Leaving Dirty Undergarments/Sanitary Products

If you have the habit of leaving used sanitary products in the corners of your room or below your bed, it may turn him off.

Controlling Behaviour

Giving too many suggestions during lovemaking will also turn him off. Belittling him, trying to give advices, or even losing temper frequently may turn him in the bedroom or outside the bedroom.

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