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The Dos & Don'ts Of Office Romance

By Needhi Gandhi

It will be no wonder if you feel affection or love towards your co-worker because you spend a good quality of your time with him or her. Moreover, you feel excited and relaxed when you spend time with them, as you get released from the stress of work. As per the research conducted among the British working women, 1 in 3 of them has a romantic relationship with their colleague.

You are bound to enjoy the little pleasure you get through this romantic journey in your workplace; but it also has some negative consequences and you need to be prepared for it, if you are caught. Romance in your workplace can bring misery and can be tricky at times as well.

Let us discuss about a few tips that can save you from any unforeseen events and unemployment.


Never Involve Yourself With A Married Person

If you are getting attached to a married person, then you need to get control and step back when you can because involvement with a married person will never be supported by any of your colleagues and there are high chances of getting embarrassed when caught. Moreover, the consequences to be followed when the better half of that person gets to know about this relationship would be really bad.


Discretion Is Necessary

You might be attracted to your colleague, but it does not mean that you let every other colleague know about it. If you want to have a flourishing romance in your workplace, then you need it to be discreet.

You should always remember that everyone is watching you in the workplace, so if you want to flirt, then it should be in a subtle manner, so that people don't feel fishy about it. If you openly flirt with somebody special in your workplace, then others will come to know about your desired objective.


Always Be Sure About Your Partner

If you are really in love with your colleague and want to let him or her know about it, then you should be sure that the other person shares the same feeling towards you too. It is always better to develop friendship with your desired person to know more about his or her feelings towards you. Moreover, spending more time as a friend will ensure a long-lasting relationship.


Avoid Sex At Workplace

Sex is the part of any romantic relationship; but doing the same in the office may not be fun, though the idea may seem to excite you, as it has a higher chance of getting caught. It may be exciting due to rush in adrenalin, but it can become the sole reason for you to be unemployed.


Don’t Be Catchy

It is normal instinct to look good and when you want to grab attention of your desired person, then you would be spending more time in getting ready. However, it is always advisable not to do such things. Doing such things can make you the hottest topic among your co-workers that may result in a negative result.


Avoid E-mail Communications

You should always remember that company can access your official e-mails at any point of time and there is always a risk of sending the mails to a wrong person. So, if you can avoid sending mails, then you would be more successful in keeping the relationship more secretive.


Read The Company Policy

This is the first thing you should do when you feel that you are getting attached to any of your colleagues. Many companies don't allow such relationships due to many valid reasons and it can become vital reason for you to lose out on your job.


Marry As Soon As Possible

If you are sure that you are emotionally attached with your colleague, then it is better to ask your partner to marry whenever you get the right time. It will definitely save you from being the gossip topic for wrong reasons and it will also save your job.


Be Sure That You Are The Only One That Your Colleague's Dating

If you feel that your colleague is a bit flirtier, then there are chances that there are many partners in his life. So, it is better to have a check on him and be sure that you are the only person in his life. It is better to be safe than sorry.

These are a few tips that can definitely help you, if you are having or planning to have a romantic relationship with your colleague.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 14, 2017, 14:35 [IST]
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