Signs Your Coworker Secretly Likes You

By: Subodini Menon
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An office is a place where you can find many different kinds of people. These people come from different races, places, religions, etc. They also have a variety of personalities, ideologies and behaviour.

It should not come as a surprise to you if love blooms in such an environment. Office is a place where people find really good friends that last a life time. People even find lasting relationships here.

You spend most of your waking hours at the office and often, your close colleagues know you just as well as your other friends or family. So, it is highly likely that someone finds you attractive and it is important to know about the signs that a coworker is attracted to you. You never know if you could get lucky.

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But it might not always be feasible to start or continue a relationship in the office environment. Most offices have the strict policy of not letting their employees date or get in a relationship.

Signs Your Coworker Secretly Likes You

Even if dating colleagues is not against the rules, it is certainly frowned upon and is also perceived as unprofessional. So, it is important to keep your eyes open for any signs that your colleague has a crush on you. This will help you to be on guard against any advances from them.

It is also important not to misunderstand a colleague who is just being polite or friendly towards you. The subtle signs a coworker likes you must not be misunderstood.

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine whether that particular coworker is being flirtatious or is simply of a friendly nature. To help you with this dilemma, we have compiled a list of things you can be on the lookout for to know if your coworker secretly likes you. Read on for the signs to know more.


They Are Around You All The Time

When you harbour a crush for someone, you just can't help but try to be as close to them as possible. If you find a particular colleague spending most of their free time in the office hovering around you, it might be because they have a crush on you. They might even go as far as finding excuses in between the work just to talk to you a little bit more.


They Discuss About Their Life Outside Office

When a colleague tries to enthrall you with tales of their interesting life outside of the office, they might be trying to give you subtle hints that they would like to see you outside of work. It is an unmistakable sign that your colleague likes you.

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They Text You After Work Too

Most people try to forget about work and relax once they get home. If a particular coworker keeps texting you even after work, it is only because you are on their mind even after work time. And a secret crush is the only thing that can explain this.


They Remember Smallest Of Things You've Told Them

A person who has a secret crush on you will certainly remember the tiniest details of any conversation you might have had. Things like birthdays and other important occasions would be memorized by them.


They Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Help You With Office Work

Sure, there are a lot of people who are very helpful to others at work. But if you find a particular colleague who goes out of their way to help you, it is one of the solid signs that your colleague has a crush on you.


They Wait To Take Coffee Or Tea Breaks With You

Coffee and tea breaks are when coworkers find time to socialize at work. If you find that one of your coworkers is changing his schedule of breaks to suit yours, it is a sign that your coworker secretly likes you.


If Required, They Won’t Hesitate To Even Fight For You

If you run into a problem of any kind at work, you can be sure that the person who has a crush on you will rush to defend you. If someone acts like your unofficial defender at work, it might be a sign that your coworker secretly likes you.


You Get To Hear About Their Crush On You From Other Coworkers

You might be in the dark about this secret crush, but the people around you might not be. May be the colleague has confessed his/her secret crush to friends and the rumours have begun to fly. If someone tells you about a coworker's secret crush on you, it might just be true.


They Give You Compliments

If a particular colleague doesn't miss a chance to dish out a compliment for you, it might be a sign that your colleague secretly likes you.

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They Stay Late If You Stay Late And Leave Early If You Do

If you see a coworker stay late (without any work) when you have to stay back at office, it is surely because he/she wants to spend more time with you. If they leave early when you do too, it is probably because office isn't as interesting without you in it. If this isn't a solid sign of a secret crush, then what is?

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