Mistakes Women Do To Look Attractive

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When you are getting ready for your first date, you would surely want to look more attractive. And in that process, you might even make certain mistakes which may spoil the effect.

Frankly speaking, both men and women do make their own set of mistakes in an attempt to look good to the opposite sex when they go on the first date.

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For example, an average guy may desperately try to give a picture of a wealthy prosperous man with social status. In the same way, even women tend to make certain mistakes. Here are they:


Mistake #1

Yes, plumps lips look kissable. But if you aren't gifted with such lips, it doesn't mean that guys don't like you at all. So, all attempts to make your lips look plump will make you look silly.


Mistake #2

A layer of makeup. Of course, covering all your skin blemishes may make you look and feel good, but guys generally love to see you in your natural look.

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Mistake #3

Too much of lipstick is another turn off. The actual purpose of make up is to enhance your natural looks; not to change them.


Mistake #4

Another thing is trying to talk sweetly with a baby voice. Though some women think that it works with men, it might look pretentious when you change your voice when your guy is around.

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Mistake #5

Dieting and craving to look slimmer may make you look weak and feeble. Men love your curves and they don't expect a supermodel on a date. So, breathe easy.


Mistake #6

Bragging about friends and family members is another blunder. When a guy brags about his status and money, you tend to feel bored, right? In the same way, even guys feel bored when your conversation turns into self aggrandisement.

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Mistake #7

Laughing out loudly. Well, you may think that the guy feels good if you laugh for every silly joke that he tries to crack. But he'll know whether you genuinely enjoyed his company or just pretending.

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