How Romantic Movies Affect Your Relationship Expectations!

Movies are a very powerful medium as almost 80% of the human population all over the world tend to watch movies throughout their lives.

Movies can play a very important role in shaping up your ideas and your opinions. They influence us so much. A lot depends upon what kind of movies we watch.

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When it comes to rom-coms (romantic-comedy films), they tend to surely influence us a lot till a particular age. But gradually, after studying the real world, we tend to realise that life isn't a movie.

Here are some examples of rom-coms colouring our perceptions related to love and romance.


Love May Not Happen In The First Sight!

The hero gets down from his car and suddenly sees a beautiful woman helping orphan kids at the roadside and immediately falls in love.

Only in movies, such things occur. In real life, if love happens at first sight, it could just be attraction. Relationships may not go well until you totally know a person and relate to their qualities.

Those Sparks May Not Fly!

The hero comes across many beautiful women but doesn't fall for them. But when he sees the heroine for the first time, sparks fly. Something seems to pierce his heart. And he falls in love for no reason. In real life, you may not even dream of dating a person when you meet him or her for the first time!

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All Guys Don't Have A Six Pack!

Only in movies, boyfriends look like models sporting six pack abs and bulging biceps. And the women are shown with straight hair and perfect bodies. In real life, love can happen even when a person isn't physically beautiful or handsome.

All Guys Aren't Chivalrous

In movies, the characters of the heroes are designed in such a way that their acts are virtuous, idealistic and noble. Maybe, such men or women are less in the real world. Your boyfriend may not be so chivalrous but may still be genuinely in love with you.

All Guys Aren't Rich

In the glossy rom-coms, the hero is a rich guy who has studied in a prestigious college abroad. But in real life, not all guys are like that. Maybe, it is better to lower your expectations in that department.

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Not All Guys Do Well In Bed All The Time

Just like the way your performance at your workplace dips at times and soars at times, even bedroom performance can't be exactly the same every single night. It suffers its own ups and downs. So, you may need to accept the fact that your real life hero may sometimes fail in bed and terribly spoil your mood!

Not All Guys Propose Love In A Romantic Way!

Imagine this: The location is Paris. The place is an expensive restaurant. The hero and heroine just finish shopping and sit for dinner. The hero then surprises the heroine with a bunch of roses, and kneels down to propose her!

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In real life, your guy may propose whenever his heart pushes him to. It could be in the college staircase, office cafeteria, on the road, in the gym, or on the terrace of his house!

Not All Marriages Go Well

All romantic movies end after the leading pair marries. We assume that they live happily ever after. But in real life all problems start only after marriage!! Therefore, beware of the brainwashing rom-coms that may alter your world view as far as romance is concerned!

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