Do You Need To Celebrate Valentine's Day?

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Do you really need to celebrate Valentine's Day? Of course, love doesn't need a specific day to be celebrated or enjoyed.

Also, many people argue that it is just a day created only to profit the greeting card industry, gift industry and the hotel industry. May be, they are right!

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But still, there are some benefits of celebrating Valentines' Day. In fact, celebrating any day isn't bad. Celebrating is about feeling good and having nice time. Life is about feeling good and spreading joy and love right? Read on...



When love is in the air, it becomes easy for you to open up. If you are single and when everyone around you is pairing up with someone, you might feel like gathering courage to propose your crush with whom you have never expressed your feelings since a year.



When everybody around you is in a romantic mood and if you are already in a relationship, you might feel like taking some time out from your busy schedule to spend time with your loved one. That becomes a beautiful memory.

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If you are in a relationship and have never been physically intimate, Valentine's day will give you a chance to try it out for the first time as the mood of the day is totally romantic.



If you have had only quarrels since a few weeks, Valentine's day will give you a chance to patch up and hug your loved one again.

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When everyone around you is pairing up, you wouldn't want to stay alone on valentines day, right?



If you are alone and yearning for someone, you may be surprised to receive a rose from someone who has been crushing on you since long but have never dared to approach you. May be, Valentine's day can give them the courage to come and open up to you!

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Of course, you can say no to that person but still, you might feel good when someone asks you out, right?



The right environment creates ideal conditions for certain things to happen. Valentine's day creates an air of love around you. Wherever you go, you see couples getting cozy. It fills the air with positive feelings, sweet memories and love. So, there is nothing wrong in falling in love and enjoying the pleasant feeling in the name of Valentines' day.



Okay, if you are alone and not really interested in dating anyone or seeing anyone, you can still enjoy the day partying with your friends or alone.

The point is to enjoy and feel good. The whole point of celebration is finding joy in life; nothing else. So, don't worry even if your friends around you make fun of you for being single on Valentine's day.

Tell them that life is about finding joy whether you are single or in a relationship!

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