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Top Bedroom Mistakes Of Men!

Young men make the biggest bedroom mistakes due to inexperience and impulsiveness. Generally, young men are wild and all over the place and they tend to get it wrong.

But with time and experience they gradually learn the ropes and get better in bed. But not all, only a few become better with time. In fact, that is why many women still complain that they have never experienced an orgasm.

Biggest Bedroom Mistakes

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Does it mean that men commit bedroom blunders? Maybe yes. Most of the men still think that penetration and ejaculation are enough to satisfy their partners. Here are the top bedroom mistakes that most of the men commit.


Asking Her Too Many Questions

After penetration, it is better to shut up and work. If you ask too many questions like "Did you reach your orgasm?", "Am I too big for you?" and so on, it may turn her off.


Not Waiting Till She Gets 'There'

Ladies first! Yes, even in bed, it is better to allow your lady to reach the orgasm first and then think about yours. If you care only for your pleasure, she may need to get into the washroom and spend an hour there touching herself!

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Dying To Impress Her

All men want to feel like 'Superman'. But pretensions fall flat. Being yourself and being simple helps more than any pretensions. The bed is one place where your real personality comes out while making love. So, why wear a mask?

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Trying To Live Movie Scenes

Many guys watch a lot of porn. They try to mimic the moves and angles in real life and get disappointed. Most of what we see on screen don't wok out well in real life.


Asking Her To Brush Teeth

If you are interested in early morning intercourse, you can't expect her to be clean. And if you pester her to go and brush her teeth due to bad breath, it may turn her off.


Worrying About Size

Experts have already declared that there is no link between the size of the member and a woman's orgasm. Women can reach climax through many other ways. Being obsessive about size isn't worth it.

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Too Clean Or Too Dirty

Being obsessive about cleanliness may also be a turn off. Of course, being dirty may also be a turn off. At the same time, insisting too much of cleanliness may also spoil the mood as lovemaking is partly a dirty game that gives lots of fun.

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