What Women Actually Mean

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It isn't easy to understand women. Yes, women are complex. And men generally find it tough to figure out what women actually mean when they say certain things.

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In fact, romance becomes more interesting when there is some mystery to figure out. Maybe, that is why men run after mysterious women more.

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Now, let us discuss about some examples where women say one thing but mean another.

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Example #1

"Honey, do I look fat?" If your girlfriend ever asks you whether she looks fat in a particular dress, she doesn't expect you to tell your opinion. She doesn't want a yes or no as an answer. You are expected to make her feel good by saying how beautiful she is in that dress.


Example #2

"Omg...You are awesome". If she is moaning and shouting out loudly when you are working hard in bed, she is just trying to make you feel good. She doesn't want to see you upset.


Example #3

"Sorry honey, I have a terrible headache!" If your partner gives headache as an excuse, she is either not in a mood or she is upset with you for some other reason. It is your job to do some soul searching to figure out what action of yours has upset her.


Example #4

"Is your ex beautiful?" When she asks such a question, she doesn't expect you to praise the beauty of your ex. She expects you to explain why your current girlfriend is the only best women on the planet.


Example #5

"Leave me alone. Don't talk to me, I'm angry". When she says this, it doesn't mean you have to leave her alone. Instead, she expects you to make her feel good by saying sorry and pampering her with some gift. But wait, in rare cases, women really want to be left alone. So, analyse the situation well before jumping to conclusions.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 13:03 [IST]
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