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What Happens If Women Work And Men Cook?

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Times have changed. Education and careers no longer remain the domain of men alone, as these days women too have become absolute rulers in these departments.

Today’s women are easily occupying the position at their companies, which involves a lot of travel, last-minute work, late-night shifts and so on.

On the other hand these days, men are happy taking the role reversal. They don't mind if their wives are the breadwinners of the family, while they are ready to accept being stay-at-home fathers and cook.

Women are getting to the executive suite, and it may even sound silly to talk about who would be buying groceries and now it is a duly dedicated errand that men do run these days.

According to the latest studies, it has been revealed that men are staying at home and cooking more when compared to the past several decades.

Modern era has seen an increase in the number of househusbands, as men are agreeing to stay at home and do the household chores.

With this trend growing in leaps and bounds, more women have become breadwinners, while men are willing to stay at home, raise their children and, at the same time, maintain the household.

Here’s a look at what happens if women work and men cook.


Men Don A Housewife’s Cap

Most men have opted for taking care of household chores, which include cooking, cleaning and minding the kids full time, whereas on the other hand, their wives support the family. Who can ever pinpoint that societal expectations are not keeping up with this reality? Even the upcoming movie ‘Ki & Ka' starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor shows a woman taking up the role of a husband, while the hero readily wants to don the role of a housewife.


Men Manage The Home, Women Wear The Pants In The Family

Men are willing to follow all the rules and commitments that a traditional housewife is bound to take charge of. This is what happens if women work and men begin to cook. It is a lot easier for a man in a woman's world than it is the other way round. Men being a househusband choose to create a healthy environment. They do their best to make sure that everyone's emotional or spiritual needs are being met.


Men Do Everything That Women Do

Women don't miss doing household chores. Women are working as a team at work and it is presently the norm in the modern working world. Meanwhile, men are busy cooking and doing errands, but unfortunately, they have to work alone. They have nobody else to lean on when things get frustrating while regularly doing the cooking or housework.


Men Battle Perfection

Men can become the hardest boss because they would tend to look for perfection when it comes to work. When things go out of order, there would be times when their respective wives would start correcting them or would remind them to change their attitude. Yet they wouldn't always accept it sportingly and can sometimes take it personally on them for not getting it right. This is what can happen when women work and men cook.


Househusbands Get No Pay Checks

Most of us prefer to work hard, so that on pay day we get our hard-earned money. However, what happens when women work and men stay at home and cook? Men are forced to witness the harsh reality of life. Unfortunately, there is never a pay day for him, as the latter doesn't get any pay for being a househusband. A single-income household can result in more stress for men. It is certainly a harsh reality, as they never get good encouragement or a pat on the back for the good job they have done managing the household chores or getting through the month.


Men Work Without A Break

A woman who has delivered a beautiful baby and is on the verge of recovering from her pregnancy can luckily manage to get 2 to 3 months of maternity leave. However, a househusband can get none of that. Being a househusband, he will still have to take care of the household and will have no alternative but to work round the clock for the family. This is what happens when women work and men cook at home.


Men Turn Moms, Women Prefer Challenging Roles

Nowadays, a lot of men do feel the pressure to be a good cook, parent and good househusband and they yearn to be more involved in family life, child care and cooking. On the other hand, women now just opt to have nice challenging careers than to be a stay-at-home mom.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 6:02 [IST]
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