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10 Vows Every Man Should Take Before Marriage

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Men and marriages are like two poles apart. There are some men who refrain from getting married and settling down, and then again there are a few of them who want to seek a beautiful girl and settle down.

When it comes to a marriage, it is not only the woman who has to take the first step of bringing happiness into the family.

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It is a union of two people, which is why it is important for both the people in the relationship to have a mutual understanding with each other.

In a marriage, there are some men who tend to see the woman in a different light. Some men think that the woman they marry should only remain in the four walls of the house and the kitchen should be her home.

However, with times changing so fast and women becoming so independent and self-sufficient, it is now time for the man to take some vows before he ties the knot.

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Women would really appreciate if the man they are going to marry says these vows to the woman and means every word of it too.

Listed below are 10 vows every man should take before marriage, take a look:



The man should respect you for what you are. He should be able to mirror your thoughts and understand you. Respect in the relationship is vital, as it creates honour between the couple.



It is not the man's duty to be the bread winner of the house. But, your man should have a goal in place, whether it is for the family or for career.



Women don't need to be pampered, but their man should be there with them in sickness and in health.



Should encourage you to achieve your gaols, and should not discourage you from something you want to still do.



There are some men out there who are extremely judgmental. If there is something trivial, not important to him, but important to you, he should still support you.



It is important for a man to give you your space and should not stifle you by continuously calling and checking your whereabouts.



There can't be a marriage without the trust, he should trust you no matter what. Marriage is all about the trust. When he learns to place his trust in you, it should be vice versa as well.


A Helping Hand:

Modern marriages are all about both partners working to make ends meet. The man should shoulder the same responsibilities that can help you to bond better.


Being Secure:

Being insecure can break the strongest of bonds. A man should make sure he is comfortable in his own skin.



Your man should promise and share anything that bothers him. Anything can be resolved with the help of communication, so this vow is technically and extremely important.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 17:45 [IST]
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