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Significance Of 'Saat Phere' Or The Seven Vows

Marriage is a social as well as a spiritual institution. It is a union of two people in which they take a pledge to be with one another for the rest of their lives. Though the concept of marriage is more or less the same across cultures, the rituals are different for every culture throughout the world. A Hindu marriage especially has a whole lot of rituals which have to be followed closely for the marriage to be deemed complete. Not just the bride and the bridegroom participate in it, the entire families of both of them are involved in the ceremony and have significant roles to play. Every member of the family has to become a significant part of one or the other ritual.

Among the popular rituals of a Hindu marriage are the sindoor daan, wearing of the mangalsutra by the bride and the most important of all, the Saat Phere. Saat Phere is the most significant ritual of Hindu marriage. In this ritual, the couple walks seven rounds around the sacred fire and takes seven most sacred vows which both the bride and groom must follow for the entire life.

A Hindu marriage is not considered solemnised without following this ritual of Saat Phere. Like the seven notes of music, seven colours of the rainbow, seven seas and seven islands, etc. the couple seeks to be together for the next seven births by taking these seven rounds, the 'Saat Phere'. Here is what is the significance of 'saat phere' or the seven vows in a marriage. Read on about the elaborate meaning with mantras of saat phere.

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First Phera

Groom - Om Esha Ekapadi Bhav Iti Prathamam
Bride - Dhanam Dhanyam Pade Vadet
In the first round or Phera, the groom promises the bride that he would take care of her nourishment and provide happiness and food for her and their children. He will take care of their family in every possible way. The bride promises to share this responsibility of her husband by helping him in looking after the home and his food along side managing the finances at home.


Second Phera

Groom - Om Orrje Jaraa Dastayaha
Bride - Kutumburn Rakshayishyammi sa Aravindharam

In the second round, the groom promises the bride that they both will protect the house and the children. The bride also promises that she will encourage her husband in all his ventures and support him at his every step in life. That she would always encourage him and be his strength.


Third Phera

Groom - Om Rayas Santu Joraa Dastayaha
Bride - Tava Bhakti as Vadedvachacha

In the third round, the groom prays that they should become wealthy and their children should also be able to get good education and they should have a long life.The bride promises that she will love the groom devotedly and all other men will be secondary to him for her.


Fourth Phera

Groom - Om Mayo Bhavyas Jaradastaya ha
Bride - Lalayami Cha Pade Vadet

In the fourth Phera, the groom thanks his bride for making his life sacred and beautiful and prays that they may be blessed with obedient children. The bride promises the groom that she will fill his life with joy and happiness.


Fifth Phera

Groom - Om Prajabhayaha Santu Jaradastayaha
Bride - Arte Arba Sapade Vadet

In the fifth round, the groom tells the bride that she is his best friend from hence forth, may the God bless her, for she is his dearest well wisher. The bride vows to love her husband till the time she lives; she would always trust him, his happiness would be her happiness. She promises to trust him.


Sixth Phera

Groom - Rutubhyah Shat Padi Bhava
Bride - Yajna Hom Shashthe Vacho Vadet

In the sixth Phera, the groom asks that since she has taken six steps with him and thus given him happiness, will she always do that for him? The bride then promises to stand by his side forever, and keep him happy in the same way.


Seventh Phera

Groom - Om Sakhi Jaradastayahga
Bride - Attramshe Sakshino Vadet Pade

In the last round the groom prays for the longevity of their marriage and lifelong friendship. He says that he is now her husband and she his wife. The wife, accepting the words of her husband says that with God as the supreme witness, she becomes his wife and that they both would now cherish a happy married life.

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