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Things Men Hate In Bed


There are so many things that men hate in bed. And the same applies to women too. Women too dislike certain things that men do in bed.

But this article focuses on a few things that men hate in bed. As love making is a beautiful way in which two people share pleasure and joy, it is better to treat it as joint project in which both of you contribute efforts selflessly.

In fact, lovemaking can make or break romantic relationships at least till the couple transcends the bodily connection and remain as soul mates. Read on....


Fact #1

Being passive in bed may make men feel bored. If the man has to do everything from taking the initiative to doing all the handwork, the excitement isn't there.


Fact #2

Telling rules is another thing men hate. If you keep saying 'Do this, don't do that', he may feel irritated. Of course, you may have certain preferences. Explain them outside the bedroom during a dinner conversation. If you keep controlling his moves in the middle of the act, he may get turned off.


Fact #3

Constant chatter in bed may also turn him off. When he is busy offering pleasure, his mind can think only about the orgasm. And he expects the same from you. But if your conversation still continues even after you get naked, he may hate it.


Fact #4

Forcing yourself when you are not in a mood also turns him off. It is okay to say no when you don't want it. But if you get into the bed half-heartedly just to satisfy his cravings, he may not like it.


Fact #5

Asking him to finish it off fast may also frustrate him. Of course, sometimes, a quickie is a good thing. But tell him before getting into the bedroom. His mind will then get ready for a quickie.


Fact #6

Feeling too conscious about your body also turns him off. When both of you are in mood, many things don't matter. So, stop asking him whether you are gaining weight and stop feeling too conscious to get naked due to acne on your shoulder or any other reason.

Story first published: Monday, December 26, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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