The Science Behind Eye Contact Flirting

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Did you ever feel like watching your crush from a distance? Did you ever feel like maintaining eye contact just for a few seconds even from a distance till your crush blushes or smiles? Did it thrill you?

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Well, you are not alone. All men and women do like the experience of eye contact flirting with a crush who cannot be approached directly for any reason.

You know what? Maintaining eye contact is a very powerful way to make your crush feel validated and recognised. He or she may get a high if interested. But of course, if you do it in a weird way, he or she may either run away or complain to the concerned authorities.

But otherwise, holding a gaze can be a good tool to express your interest in an effortless way and if both the parties are interested, things can go to the next level.

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In fact, even if things never go to the next level, the thrill that eye contact flirting gives a man and a woman is immense that it gets addictive after a while. Here are some more facts....


Fact #1

Eye contact is the fundamental thing to learn if you wish to be a charmer. It is the first lesson in the art of charming others.


Fact #2

Human beings try to read others through eyes. We tend to judge others through their eyes subconsciously.


Fact #3

Do you know that maintaining eye contact with the other person can make you more convincing and intimate? Also, it makes the other person happy especially if he or she is attracted to you.


Fact #4

Eye contact is also a motivational skill. All leaders and motivational speakers maintain eye contact with the listeners to influence them faster.


Fact #5

Eye contact can also be a weapon. When someone tries to be harsh with you or try to sell something that you don't want, maintain eye contact for a few minutes and the person will take a back step as he or she will understand that you are already irritated.


Fact #6

Research says that eye contact also builds sweet memories. If you want a woman or a man to remember you for long, maintain eye contact when telling something deep and intimate. During the process, let the person lose herself in your gaze while listening to your words. It will be the sweetest memory in her life.


Fact #7

Varying intensity and varying intervals is also important during eye contact. If you look at a woman into her eyes for hours together, she will run away thinking that you must be a pervert. Instead, maintain the eye contact for a few seconds, give an interval and again repeat with more intensity for a few seconds and again take a gap. Experiment a bit with the intervals and intensity to get things right.


Fact #7

In a research done on ‘love at first sight', researchers installed hidden cameras in colleges. They found that men who gazed at women for an average of 8 seconds, fell in love at first sight. Men and women watching each other from a distance in crowds or colleges generally kept looking each other at regular intervals but the duration was around 5-8 seconds each time.

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