Signs Your Man Is Selfish

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It is very tough to live a whole life with a selfish man. A man who never thinks about anyone except himself can never do anything for his partner or family.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish

A man who is obsessed with his own happiness might fail to show happiness to his spouse. Any woman would hate to live such a man.

But, how to even identify such a man? Well, here are some clues. Read on...

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 1

He eats food in front of you without even casually offering you. He doesn't even ask you if you are hungry.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 2

If he is in the mood, he plans for a date but when you want some 'warmth' he seldom answers your calls or he says he's busy.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 4

In public places, he acts as if he doesn't even know you. He simply walks away as if he didn't notice you. Or he may simply say 'Hi' like a friend and go away.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 4

He keeps talking on his phone when you want to have a conversation with him. He keeps you waiting for long.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 5

The relationship never seems to go anywhere as he never talks anything about marriage. He only talks about the next day to get cozy with you.

Signs Your Man Is Selfish 6

He never seems to do anything for you. He never gifts you with anything. He tries to avoid spending anything for you except when he plans to get cozy with you. Well, if you see any of the above signs, it could mean that he is very selfish. It is up to you whether you can tolerate him.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 6:34 [IST]
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