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Intelligent Excuses Indian Women Make To Avoid Marriage Talks

Indian women want to get married or they don't want to! What do you think? Recent studies show that most Indian young women who are at the marriageable age want to reconsider to marry later.

These are the women who think that life is much better off than getting married and settling down. These are the very same women who also prefer to think first about their career and making a life than wanting to marry a man and live off his money.

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Statistics show that most women prefer to get married once they know they are independent and can do things without the approval of a man.

Then again, there are some women who prefer to save up a lot of money, travel the world and then marry. So, you see, in our country, marriage is not the only thing that is on the mind of a woman.

In India alone, the mentality of a woman has changed quite a bit, and this has really changed the perspective of a marriage too.

The age of marriage for a woman has drastically increased to 30 years and above and parents of these young women are pretty much getting used to it nowadays.

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Today, we have listed out a few intelligent excuses Indian women make to avoid marriage talks in their home.

Take a look at them and let us know if you are one of those lovely girls who throws around these same excuses each time a proposal is offered to you:


I Want To Study:

The moment marriage talks are prepped up in an Indian household, the woman finds the need to do her higher education. This is the first excuse she gives to avoid the topic of marriage.


Focussing On The Career Right Now:

Since a lot of Indian women are focussed on their career front, most of them want to pursue higher ranks in the industry before settling down for marriage.


I Need To Learn The Art Of Cooking:

I don't know how to cook; I think I need cooking lessons. Dear parents, we are sure you must have heard this excuse from your beautiful daughter.


In Love With My EX:

No man will ever marry me because I'm still in love with my ex. This is another reason most women give when the topic of marriage comes up.


I Need To Stand On My Feet First:

Though this is a sensible idea, it is quite tricky and intelligent. Today, a lot of women who want to divert from the topic of marriage use this card to say no to a proposal.


My Elder Sibling Needs To Tie The Knot:

Passing off the reason to get married on the elder siblings in the family is still in trend. Haven't you heard this excuse before, parents.


I Haven't Met That Someone Special:

There are some women who strongly believe in the idea of love marriage. For these type of women, they'd want to meet the perfect one, before saying "I do". So, yes, this is another excuse women make to avoid marriage talks at home.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 19:00 [IST]