If She Scares You, She Is The One

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There are many ways of showing your partner that you love him/her. It need not have to be just lovey dovey mushy stuff you people say to each other or embrace your puppy love. Different people have different ways of expressing their emotions.

In this article, we are here to share some of the points on the fact that if she scares you, she is the one for you. We're emphasising on the fact that the word "SCARE" does not mean physical abuse here.

If the case is of a physical abuse, please show your partner the door.

Read on to find out about these tips that can actually scare you about the girl you love. Most of these points are based on your emotional attachment to the girl and some are fun facts.

Being scared is not wrong in case you are a man, as even men do have emotions and expressing it is not wrong at all. So, read on to know more if she scares you and is the one for you or not.


You Go Mad When She Is Not Talking To You

The very fact of her not talking to you can make you go mad and scared. This is the moment of realisation of your feelings for the girl of your dreams. If you can't bear her silence then you know what to do right?


You're Scared To Displease Her

Her happiness is your first priority. This can mean that you can go to any extent to just please her and get a smile on her face.


Overcome Fear Of Commitment

If you have been having a fear of commitment and are even scared to lose her, you do realise the inner courage to go ahead with the relationship, as you realise she is more important for you, then she is the girl you've been waiting for.


Her Support

Once she is around you, you'll love to hear her non-stop talk. If her silence scares you, then do not blink, as she is the one for you! This is a sure shot sign to show that you are deeply in love with this woman, dear boy.


NonStop Talk

Once she is around you, you love to hear her nonstop talk. If her silence scares you, then do not blink as she is the one for you!


Those Moments With Few Cushion Fights

Awww! This surely melts everybody's heart. Who does not want to get hit by their loved one with cushions, right? This is one of the ways that you can make your bond stronger. If you are scared of those cushion fights yet await for them, she is the one for you bro!


Never Grow Up

Having playful minds and even getting scared that your partner might get hurt in these games can actually make you realise how important the person is to you! If you are scared of the fact that she will outgrow your kiddish games, hold on to that girl of your dreams.

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