Do Relationships Suck? Know Why

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When you are in a relationship, there comes a responsibility of being committed to many things. This can be anything like taking up responsibility or taking care of the things all together.

Once you are committed, there are a few things that come along as a relationship tag. In this article, we are here to share some of the things that start to really suck once you are in a relationship.

Being committed is fun, but after a point, one needs to realise that the relationship takes a backseat and becomes quite boring when you do not think of reviving it and keeping it spicy.

Find out about these little things that make you actually miss out on the fun part in life. We're sure that you can actually feel the pinch once you start reading about these things that you end up giving for the sake of your relationship.

So, read on to know more about the things that start to really suck once you're in a relationship.


Bank Account

This is the first thing that gets affected when you are in a committed relationship, as this gets affected for most of them. Thinking about expenses and finances of both of you becomes your responsibility and this seems like a mandatory thing that totally sucks. Spending on things without thinking twice just does not work!


Talking To People Of The Opposite Sex Gives A Wrong Opinion

When you are in a committed relationship, then this surely takes the brunt! Talking to a friend of an opposite sex raises your partner's brow, especially when they see you giggle and chat with them for long. This brings in a sense of jealousy, which makes you avoid your own friends for the sake of this relationship.



Getting a week off from your busy schedule might sound exciting, as long as you are going on a holiday with your partner. But, if your partner's parents hop along, it is just a hell trip! This is the time you are gonna love your office more than your dream destination.


Your Night Outs

What is the point of going on a night out when you are constantly updating your partner about your whereabouts? If you want to make sure you enjoy a good time with friends, then do keep your phone away and make your partner understand that you need some time just for yourself.


Your Sex Life

People who are committed do not share a wild, insane sex life. It is all about just doing it! You cannot expect your partner to be a wild beast on bed when compared to your fantasy experience of a one-night stand or hook-up friends.


Snapchat Is A History

When you were single, getting a pop up of snapchat from an unknown person seemed exciting. Now, it will only make you depressed, as you cannot chat with any strangers anymore. The best option would be to just delete the app and save some space on your phone!


Going To The Mall

Ahh! who would not love going to malls when you get to see so many hot chicks and handsome hunks around. Now, that you are in a relationship, your visits to the mall will only be about shopping and checking your phone screen, as your partner keeps a track of your vision.

If you have any suggestions, then do share them with us in the comment section.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 10, 2016, 12:15 [IST]
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