Love Trends That Are Viral On The Net

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This is a digital world with the social networking sites popularly seen as the "in" thing among today's youth.

Our virtual world has taken over the real world and our actual self! This is the time when you see a lot of people going gaga about their relationship status on the social networking sites and being pretty open about their personal life.

In this article, we are here to share more about the love trends that are taking the internet by storm. We are here to share how couples make a fool out of themselves by posting crazy stuff about themselves on the net and in turn think they are cool.

Find out about the crazy trends that people are following and sharing with their friends these days about how happening their life is and how dependent they have become on these love trends.

Hence, read on to know about the love trends that couples are following these days on the internet. We're sure you do have friends who may have been doing this knowingly or unknowingly.


Kissing Selfie

Awww, this sounds so cute! But does it not get too monotonous when you're kissing your partner in every meet and posing the same selfie at different places! A picture or two surely will be adorable, but not flooding the newsfeed with these pics!


After-sex Selfies

Oh Lord! Who wants to share a nasty, sweaty picture of yours after you've just had a romping session! This is no way cool and people should just stop this instead of showing to the world how steamy their bed life is!!



This is the latest trend that couples follow these days by creating cute names and using a # symbol followed by their feeling like #lostinlove. These hastags can be seen in every damn picture these days! How irritating is that! Phew.


First-date Selfie

This love trend is cute as long as it is cherished between you and your new love. Why scream out to the whole world and describe about your new fling?



We all definitely have a friend who's done this. The pain you have gone through to get your lover's name embedded on your skin is totally worth it. However, there are a few who've got stuff tattooed on their vital parts and yet have the guts to share the ugly picture on world wide web. Come on, who would want to see your bum being tattooed! Huh?


The Immediate “After Baby Comes Out” Photo

Ohh Lord!! Do you seriously have time to upload a picture of your newborn who still has a few skin tags attached on to the skin? This is something that should stop right away. Let the newborn breathe first than getting clicked by your camera!


Faking Engagement

No doubt you are happy in your relationship. But, do not fake engagements on social sites that gives a totally wrong impression about you when you breakup or go through a rough patch. Would it not be embarrassing if you are asked on your "ACTUAL" engagement if it is real or fake?


Fake Candids

Posting a candid picture with a description that says "how hot my man is" or some sleazy line like that cannot get you the attention you trying to seek. Do you have the slightest idea as to how people are talking about you behind your back?

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Story first published: Monday, March 7, 2016, 13:44 [IST]
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