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How To Turn A Friend Into A Boyfriend

Fact: A man and a woman cannot be ‘just' friends for too long at least when one of them or both of them are ‘hot'.

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So, if your friend is a really a hot man and is currently single, you would surely tend to have some crazy plans in your dirty mind. Implement them if you also have plans to settle down with that fabulous guy who has the capacity to care for a woman and respect her space.

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Now, you must be wondering how to convert a simple friendship into a relationship, right? Well, it's not really tough. If you have the burning desire inside, you can ignite the flame inside his heart very soon. Read on....


Meet Him OFTEN When He's Alone

Rome wasn't built in just one night and you shouldn't expect quick results in this aspect too. Keep meeting him often when he's alone; and just spend a few minutes talking to him.


When You're Alone, Get Closer Occasionally

Open up a bit and get into cozy conversations when both of you are alone. Keep reading his moods. If he gets irritated- stop right there! But if he is enjoying your presence, keep following these steps.


Flirt Occasionally To Give Signal

On rare occasions, flirt with him! Don't worry, gone are the days when men disrespected flirty women. Today's men thoroughly enjoy women's voluntary steps towards romance.


Cook For Him

Meet right when he's hungry and cook the tastiest meal for him in his very own house. You will literally blast his senses when you do so. Here is the secret: men find women very appealing when they're cooking or washing! Believe it or not!


Ask Interesting Questions

Occasionally, take interest in his career or aspirations and ask him questions. Just make him talk or brag about his achievements and he will feel manly in your presence.


Show Him Lots Of Care

Many relationship experts keep saying that men tend to fall for women who resemble their mothers. The real fact is they fall for caring women- not someone who physically looks like their mothers! So, show your care.


Dance With Him Casually

When the time is ripe, play music in his room and just dance. After some time, he will voluntarily dance with you.


Don't Be Afraid To Hug Him Tight

When he is busy dancing with you, just hug him so tight that both of you become breathless for a while! Okay, don't kill him with a hug but just ‘switch his lights on' with your warm hug. That's the moment you can reveal your feelings as he will be on a ‘high' and would easily say yes for what all you have done for him.


If He Still Doesn't Respond, Realise That He Isn't A Man At All And Move On!

Yes, frankly speaking, any man should get turned on after doing that much. Any man should be able to perceive a caring woman as a good partner. If he still says no, don't waste a single minute on hm. He isn't even worth being your friend!

Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 8:52 [IST]
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