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Do Shy Girls Have Crushes?

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Do shy girls have crushes? This is a question that torments most of the men. The answer is yes. Even shy girls do have crushes but they are not open about it. If you know how girls act around their crush then you can easy identify that a particular girl has a crush on a particular guy.

It is quite natural for any man or a woman to like someone that they come across in their lives. Just because they are silent about it, it doesn't mean that they don't like anyone. So, do shy girls have crushes? Yes they do. But why do they never be open about it? Well, here are some of the reasons.

How Girls Act Around Their Crush1

Shy girls are not open about their feelings. So, they might not be too expressive with a crush. Also, they might not even reveal anything to even their closest friends.

How Girls Act Around Their Crush4

Some of the shy girls are introverts and this might make it hard to be open with their crush. Also, they would like to spend time alone as they would feel uncomfortable in social situations.

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Some shy girls are generally like that due to their upbringing. May be their parents have instructed her to stay away from boys and romance until the right age.

How Girls Act Around Their Crush2

Some shy girls are like that not because of their shyness. It could be due to a past bad experience which has made them shut themselves up and build invisible walls around themselves.

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