Horrible Things Couples Do After Making Love

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Making love is the most beautiful feeling that one can experience. But, when it is done, it can be messy and both the partners end-up cleaning the mess they have created. It can be quite tiring, yet fun at times.

In this article, we are here to share some of the horrible and stupid things that couples do after having a steamy session.

The efforts and pleasure that would have gone into this act would definitely be brought down, when you realise about the horrible things that you have been doing with your partner, which for sure can turn them off.

At certain times, switching your mood from the sexual mode can be really annoying to your partner, when they still are in that mood. So, it is very necessary and important that you keep a track of the things that can annoy your partner.

Though they might not tell you instantly, we're here to throw some light on these disgusting habits of yours that you have been doing wrong all these years. Read on to know more.


Falling Asleep

Just after the act if your partner sleeps, there are chances that you can get annoyed. Sleeping immediately after your steamy session is of no good, wherein you cannot cherish or enjoy the moment you guys spent together.


Running To The Washroom

Immediately after the act is done, running to the washroom may sound okay. But, one needs to think about their partner's view on this as well. They might be wanting some more action or must be still in the same mood. This can give them an impression that it was an unpleasant act.


Calling Your Friend

Nothing is more irritating than your partner staring at his phone for his message alerts or calls while you're still busy on the bed. And answering calls immediately after the act can even lead to fights and misunderstandings. So, switch that phone off!


Reading A Book

When you see your partner is picking up a book to read or checking on some office mail, it can often be considered as a huge sex blunder. One needs to snuggle and cuddle their partner after the magical act, as it makes them feel connected.


Sleeping Separately

If you think that after the act you can pick the pillow and sheets and head to another room to sleep, then for sure it will hamper your relationship. Make sure you guys sleep well together, as the next morning seeing them next to you will make them and you feel happy and elated.


Getting Kids On Bed

Just after the session, if you go pool your kids to sleep on the bed, this can trigger your man. So, make sure they do not sleep on the same bed at least on that special cosy night.


Eating A Meal

Heading towards the kitchen to grab some food can leave your partner puzzled. It will make them feel that you've had food on your mind while performing in bed. This is something that you should avoid, as it is unhygienic as well.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 3:05 [IST]
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