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Are You Depressed In Your Relationship?

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In a relationship it can be very difficult to understand or tell if you're unhappy, especially when the relationship has been going on for a really, really long time.

Small little things sometimes lead to problems. Learning about these little problems will solve most of our issues.

Sometimes comfort can be mistaken for happiness in the relationship and that is something that nobody wants!

At times it's easy to open up to your partner about your problems, while other times it may be necessary to roll solo to get your mind straight to find solution for the problem.

Here in this article, we are here to share some of reasons which will make you unsatisfied in the relationship.

These are the points which can actually kill your relationship and it needs immediate attention.


You Conceal Your True Side

Do you reveal your true side to your partner, where you might be in a constant fear of being committed into the relationship? It would be better if you give your partner a clear thought about your feelings.


You Are Depressed About Your Home Life

You are no more excited about getting back home to your love. You start spending more hours at work and other places instead of spending time with your partner as you are no more interested.


You Cannot Stop Snooping

Having mutual understanding is really important in the relationship. If you find yourself constantly doubting your partner and checking on his/her stuff, then there is some real problem that needs to be addressed


Your Happy Dreams Do Not Include Your Partner

This is a clear sign that you are not happy and satisfied in your relationship. When you imagine your happy time, minus your partner, you either need to get out of the relationship or work on making it better.


You Start Resenting

When your relationship was great you loved everything about your partner, but now every small thing about them will make you resent towards them. Sit down and find a solution before it is too late.


Past Feelings Haunt You

Even when you are smiling along with your partner, your past keeps haunting you and you imagine life to be better back then, but it does not work that way. So, instead, sorting out the matter with your partner is important to save the relationship.

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