Are Today's Men More Supportive?

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A recent study says that today's men are more supportive towards women compared to the previous generation. And yes, this is a good change.

There are various reasons for this change. One could be the change in the gender roles. Previously, only men used to work and all women were housewives. But today, even women are supporting the family by earning.

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Also, men have started to experience their sensitive side more in this generation and this might be good news for women.
As a part of the study, researchers interviewed more than 4700 women. Nearly, half of them were above 60 years and the rest were in their thirties.

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Researchers grouped them into two different categories to hear their experiences and opinions and know whether they are talking about men of this generation or the previous one.

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While older women complained that their men never helped them in household chores like cooking or cleaning, younger women said that their men shared most of the tasks happily; of course, they had other complaints about their men but they admitted that their men are at least partly supportive compared to the men of the previous generation.

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Also, the definition of a true man is changing according to the changing times. Previously, a man is expected to remain calm without expressing emotions like sadness or crying but today's men are closer to their emotive side. Also, women no longer need to worry about how to support a man as both the husband and wife are playing equal roles in the family.

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Also, most of today's men are not so aggressive or violent when it comes to treating their wives though some women reported domestic violence. On the overall, the trend is seemingly changing and men are turning out to be caring and understanding in today's times.

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