Ways To Breakup With Obsessive Lover

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To break up with your lover is not a big deal, but breaking up with an obsessive lover needs more care and attention. Sometimes it’s really hard to break up with people who are over possessive.

Many people try to continue in obsessive relationships just because of guilty feeling as they don’t want to hurt the partner. But if you continue relation for the sake of sympathy, your entire life will be an utter failure. Experts suggest that there are around 7 ways to politely break up with an obsessive lover.

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Once you feel it is difficult, it’s better to break up the relation as fast as possible. The reason is that the more time you take; the more attached the person will get. Actually, there are many ways to break up with an obsessive lover. You have to find the best and better way to convince them.

Usually, obsessive lovers think it is difficult to get a normal life without the person he or she loves. So, make them understand gently that it is possible to go back to normal life. Here, let’s have a look into the 7 ways to politely break up with an obsessive lover.

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Gentle Talks:

One of the best ways to break up with an obsessive lover is to talk gently about the issue. Calm them down and talk to them gently and politely. Ensure that you will continue as a good friend and will give full support.


Engage Them In Some Other Activities:

If you need to break up with your obsessive lover, it is better to make him engaged first in some other activities like sports. This helps to drain his energy and the reality of break up will be accepted. It is one of the 7 ways to politely break up with an obsessive lover.


No Hopes Should Be Given:

Many will try to speak in such a way that there is a hope for returning to the relation. But, for an obsessive lover, the message should be clear and no room of hope should be given. Talk in a kind and gentle way to make them understand.


Fewer Explanations:

30 minutes of talking and explanation is more than enough to say good bye to your relation. Too much of explanations may make the situation worse. This is one of the 7 ways to politely break up with an obsessive lover.


No Dramas:

Don't try to over act during the time of break ups. Tell your obsessive lover about the reasons and keep quiet to make the situation calm. Let them react, but you need to lean on silence to make them feel that you are right and you need space.


Respect Their Feelings:

When you are trying to breakup politely, it is important to respect their feelings. Never shout or never focus too much on their faults. Instead, you can explain why you are not interested in a relationship now.


No Third Party:

Your lover must know about the break up from you. It shouldn't be heard from friends or others. It is not a polite way to say good bye. It is also better to make them understand why you are breaking up, with genuine reasons.

These are some of the ways to break up with obsessive lover.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 24, 2015, 20:34 [IST]
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