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10 Things Couples Should Add To Their Bucket List

If you are in a relationship for more than a month now, it is time you and your partner made a bucket list. These days couples lack communication which is the main reason for break-ups.

Couples should find the time to spend with each other no matter what. It is important to do one or two things together when you are in a relationship, which will help bind your love and make it last forever. Sometimes, the little things in life matter more, which is why today, Boldsky shares with you a bucket list for couples to follow.


Some of the things which are mentioned in the bucket list might seem very simple for you, but when you put them into use, you will see the impact it has made on your relationship.

Couples who want to explore new things together should definitely take a look at this steamy bucket list. Out of the 10 things mentioned on the list, if the two of you can do at least 7 of them together, it will be perfect.So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your partner, a pen and a paper and get set with your own bucket list.


Kiss In The Rain

This should be the first on every couple's bucket list. Make the best use of the monsoon season, find a romantic spot and kiss your partner in the rain. Just thinking of it, gives one goosebumps!


Workout Together

Working out together to stay fit and healthy is one of the many things couples should actually do together when they are in love.


Read A Same Book

If the two of you are book worms, try and read the same book together at the same time. Set a finish day and discuss your opinions. It would be great to bask in each other's thoughts.


Cook One Meal Together

The way to your man's heart is through his stomach. So, if you want to impress your man, cook his favourite meal and ask him to do you the same favour in return.


Plan A Couple's Massage

Head to a nice island and sign up for a couple's massage. Getting a massage done together by professionals can really help spice up your love life.


Make That Time Capsule

Couples should definitely add this to their bucket list. Make a time capsule together and ensure that you make each of those goals work.


Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet together. Look after it with care and love. This is one of the many things couples should add to their bucket list.


Challenge At A Pillow Fight

Pillow fights in bed are totally awesome and every couple should add this to their bucket list.


Make A Lantern Wish

Light a Chinese lantern and make a wish together.


Start Dancing!

Sign up to a dance class and learn to do the salsa, a little bit of jive and don't forget dirty dancing too.

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