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6 Mean Things Guys Do After A Breakup

When you are in a relationship, at some point of time everything seems to be a bed of roses. But, when the relationship doesn't seem to be going anywhere, you realise it is time to break things up and move on.

Breakups are the worst things to go through in life especially if you are being ditched by you so called partner. Men take it to heart when they are ditched by the girl of their dreams and do the worst things possible.

If you take a look at these mean things guys do after a breakup you will be shocked. Here are a few of the things most guys end up doing post a breakup.

Stalk The Ex
Stalking the ex, following her, spying on what she does online and offline is one of the main mean things guys do after a breakup, when they are ditched.

Spread Gossip
Bad mouthing her and spreading unnecessary things about the ex is another mean thing guys do post a breakup.

Try To Spoil Her Career
This may sound weird and untrue, but there are some crazy guys who go to an extent of ruining the girl's career once she has broken his heart.

Spoil Her Next Relationship
The common mean thing guys tend to do after a breakup is try and ruin his ex's next relationship.

Emotional Blackmail
Blackmailing her emotionally and physically is another crazy and mean thing most guys do after a breakup. This tends to effect the girl a lot if she has moved ahead fine.

Leaking Private Pictures
In India this is common, leaking private images of the ex if she happened to break his heart.

Story first published: Thursday, April 16, 2015, 4:30 [IST]
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