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Have You Fallen In Love With The Perfect Indian Man?

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Every Indian woman thinks she has the perfect Indian boyfriend! Hmmmm, but is he husband material? Well, today Boldsky shares with you some of the signs to show if the man your dating is the right choice to make as a husband.

Marrying the right person is important, not only for a woman but for a man too. When you know that the man your dating can give you the life you want it is best you take the relationship to the next level and opt for marriage.


Here are some of the signs to show that the man your in love with is the perfect choice to have for the rest of your life. Take a look at these signs and see if you can see them in the man your head over heels with.

If some of these signs of that perfect man tally with your macho, take the step and say I Do, your in for a wonderful ride my lady:


Money Talks

For some Indian women, money talks wonders. So, if your man has a stable job and brings home sufficient money to meet your needs, it is sign that he is the perfect Indian man to marry.


The Home-Maker Too

A man who helps at home is a man you need to keep for the rest of your life. If he is that type of man who loves to do his part of house work, he is one of the best Indian men to marry.


Doesn't Eye The Other Woman

Indian women are kind of possessive over the ones they love, especially the man in their life. If your man has eyes only for you and no one else, keep him wrapped in your arms forever, he is the perfect man to marry.


The On Time Man

The man who comes home to you on time or believes in keeping up to time even when he plans a date with you is the man you ought to keep for the rest of your life.


The Career Man

Keep the man who respects and encourages your career. He is the perfect Indian man to marry.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 5, 2015, 15:02 [IST]
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